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Descendants of Thomas Hardage

      This was sent to me by email by Malcolm Horton, who obtained permission from the other living researchers to put it on this site. We hope you find it useful and enjoyable,

Joe T. Reeves

      This copy of DECENDANTS OF Thomas HARDAGE was researched, put together and printed by Terry Lane Johnston, and others.

      Our great uncle Sam Hardage (Adam Hardage's son) started working on it in about 1924. After he died my mother (Estha Horton) got his papers and continued to research the family. After she died my sister, Sue Horton, continued. After Terry retired he got with her and, with his new computer, he was able to do the research that was needed. This is the result. As with all genealogy, I have found that there are some omissions, misspellings and in the end it needs updating. Other than that it is a good book.

Malcolm Horton