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Page 183 F1 Adams, George Robert
Page 183 F2 Adams, Lee Earl
Page 183 F3 Adams, William Amos
Page 184 F4 Adams, William Cleo
Page 184 F5 Ainsworth, Anthony Koon (A. K.)
Page 185 F6 Ainsworth, Edward Howard
Page 184 F7 Ainsworth, Ellis Lehman
Page 186 F8 Alford, Columbus Washington (Lum)
Page 186 F9 Alford, Dave C.
Page 187 F10 Alford, Edward David C. (Dave)
Page 188 F11 Babb, Napoleon Bonaparte
Page 189 F12 Barber, James A.
Page 190 F13 Barham, Rodney
Page 190 F14 Barnett, John Heanry
Page 190 F15 Barnett, Martha Ann (then Tarver, then Chadwick)
Page 190 F16 Barnett, John William
Page 191 F17 Barnett, Mary Hudson
Page 191 F18 Barnett, Oscar Henry
Page 193 F19 Barnett, Laura Celestia
Page 193 F20 Barnett, Egbert Washington
Page 193 F21 Barnett, Arden Margrave
Page 193 F22 Barnett, Calvin
Page 193 F23 Beall
Page 194 F24 Beckham, David B.
Page 194 F25 Beckham, Jasper Newton
Page 194 F26 Beckham, John Willis
Page 195 F27 Beckham, John Y.
Page 195 F28 Beckham, John Young
Page 195 F29 Beckham, Ollie Vester
Page 196 F30 Bennett, George W.
Page 196 F31 Bilbo, H. G.
Page 196 F32 Bilbro
Page 196 F33 Bilbro, Isacanah Thomas
Page 197 F34 Blocker
Page 197 F35 Blocker, George Washington
Page 198 F36 Blocker, Joseph Younger
Page 198 F37 Blocker, William Hall
Page 198 F38 Blocker, Micajah Henry
Page 199 F39 Blocker, Nancy Ellen
Page 199 F40 Blocker, Martha Francis
Page 199 F41 Blocker, Robert Wesley
Page 199 F42 Blocker, Isiah James
Page 200 F43 Blocker, John Ira
Page 200 F44 Blocker, Michael Walker
Page 200 F45 Bowie, Frank Pinckney
Page 200 F46 Boyd
Page 200 F47 Boyd, Frank
Page 201 F48 Boyette, Charlie
Page 201 F49 Brantley, Benjamin Franklin
Page 201 F50 Brantley, Dr. F. L.
Page 201 F51 Brantley, John Jackson
Page 202 F52 Bridges, Joseph William
Page 202 F53 Bright, Harvey
Page 203 F54 Burkes, Clinton Carnell
Page 203 F55 Burkes, John Hoslin
Page 203 F56 Burkes, William Grover
Page 204 F57 Burkes, William H.
Page 205 F58 Caldwell
Page 205 F59 Callahan, A. R. and Jennie
Page 206 F60 Callahan, Alexander Talmadge
Page 206 F61 Carpenter, Earl
Page 207 F62 Carpenter, Joel Hamilton
Page 207 F63 Carson, N. L.
Page 208 F64 Carter, Flora McDonald Chamblee Bell
Page 208 F65 Carter, Samuel Willis
Page 208 Page 209 F66 Chadwick
Page 210 F67 Chadwick, Ruth Martin
Page 210 F68 Chadwick, William Almon
Page 210 F69 Chamblee
Page 210 F70 Chipley
Page 210 F71 Chipley, John C.
Page 211 F72 Chipley, Willie Ed
Page 212 F73 Clark, David
Page 212 F74 Clark, Glover Leroy
Page 213 F75 Clark, Henry David
Page 214 F76 Clark, William "Wig"
Page 214 F77 Clay, William R.
Page 214 F78 Coleman, Robert
Page 215 F79 Coleman, William
Page 215 F80 Cook
Page 216 F81 Cook, Thomas Daniel
Page 216 F82 Cothran, Mike
Page 216 F83 Cotten
Page 217 F84 Crawford, Walter Shelby
Page 217 F85 Crawford, Benjamin Ratcliff
Page 217 F86 Crowe, William Edgar (Ed)
Page 218 F87 Darby, Oxner, Curtis, Carnahan, Johnson, Sullivan
Page 218 F88 Dear
Page 218 F89 Denson
Page 219 F90 Doak
Page 219 F91 Dorill, John Combee
Page 220 F92 Dorman, Robert Fernando
Page 220 F93 Dorrill
Page 220 F94 Dotson
Page 220 F95 Douglass
Page 221 F96 Eads-Triplett
Page 222 F97 Eaks, C. I. "Donie" (Eakes)
Page 222 F98 Edwards, William Patrick
Page 222 F99 Edwards, Williamm Elijah
Page 222 F100 Ellis, James Lake
Page 223 F101 Ellis, Robert Thomas
Page 223 F102 Ellison, Henry Addison
Page 224 F103 Estes, Keenan and Alford
Page 224 F104 Ewing, William
Page 226 F105 Faucette
Page 226 F106 Faucette, Robert Bowden
Page 226 F107 Faucette, Robert, Jr.
Page 227 F108 Faucette-Williams
Page 227 F109 Faulkner, Ray Thurston
Page 227 F110 Fletcher, Asa
Page 229 F111 Foster, O. T.
Page 229 F112 Foster, Sam Young
Page 230 F113 Freeny
Page 230 F114 Ganann
Page 232 F115 Garnder, Reed
Page 233 F116 Gee
Page 233 F117 Gilchrist, Carolyn Josephine (Bickerstaff)
Page 234 F118 Gilchrist, Daniel, IV
Page 234 F119 Golden, Dr. William "Bill"
Page 235 F120 Golden, Dr. John Eley
Page 235 F121 Golden, Otho
Page 236 F122 Gomillion, Robert Edward "Bob"
Page 237 F123 Grace, Atrial
Page 237 F124 Grice, Ollie Clifton and Lessie Ardean (Ware)
Page 238 F125 Grimes, Harley O
Page 239 F126 Grimes-Mills
Page 240 F127 Gross
Page 241 F128 Gross, John Dunbar
Page 242 F129 Gross, William Dunbar
Page 243 F130 Guice, John D.
Page 244 F131 Hall
Page 247 F132 Hamil
Page 248 F133 Hardage
Page 248 F134 Hardage, Thomas Martin (Tom)
Page 249 F135 Hardage, William
Page 249 F136 Hardage, William (Willie) Martin, Sr.
Page 249 F137 Harkins, Patrick Nicholas
Page 250 F138 Harper
Page 250 F139 Harrell, Jess
Page 251 F140 Harris
Page 251 F141 Harris
Page 251 F142 Hartness, William Atialous
Page 252 F143 Hawthorne
Page 252 F144 Hellums, Nelda Jean Crawford
Page 252 F145 Henderson, David
Page 253 F146 Henderson, David, James W. Eley (El) and Joy
Page 253 F147 Henderson, Eugene
Page 254 F148 Hendrix, Perry, Murphy
Page 254 F149 Henry
Page 254 F150 Hicks, Hige and Sam
Page 254 F151 Hill
Page 255 F152 Hollingsworth, Jacob "Jake"
Page 255 F153 Holsomback, John W.
Page 256 F154 Hooper
Page 256 F155 Horn, Elisha Thomas
Page 256 F156 Houston, Samuel J.
Page 257 F157 Howell, John R.
Page 257 F158 Howell, The Malachi Levi
Page 257 F159 Howell, Wilson B.
Page 257 F160 Hurdle, Thomas Lynn, Sr. and Carolyn Virginia Faucette
Page 258 F161 Jackson, Early
Page 258 F162 Johnson
Page 259 F163 Johnson
Page 259 F164 Johnson, James Sylvanus
Page 260 F165 Johnson, Samuel M.
Page 260 F166 Jordan, Isaac
Page 260 F167 Jordan, Isaac Eugene
Page 260 F168 Jordan, Robert Carlton, Sr.
Page 262 F169 Jordan, Robert Herbert (Bob)
Page 263 F170 Jordan, Robert Lawson
Page 263 F171 Jordan, W. M.
Page 264 F172 Jordon
Page 264 F173 Kea, James Seward
Page 264 F174 Keenan
Page 265 F175 Kelly, James Franklin
Page 265 F176 Kelly, William Martin and William Ross
Page 266 F177 Kemp, James
Page 266 F178 Kemp, Johnie Slathael
Page 267 F179 Kemp, R. J. H.
Page 267 F180 Kemp, Sam
Page 267 F181 Kemp, William
Page 267 F182 Kuntz, James Hubert
Page 267 F183 Lay, James F.
Page 268 F184 Lay, Marion Caine and James Albert
Page 268 F185 Leach and Wells
Page 268 F186 Lovorn, William Edmond
Page 269 F187 Lowe, Henry Clay (Bunk)
Page 269 F188 Lyle, DDS, John Willis White
Page 270 F189 Lyle, William H. Lewis
Page 270 F190 Malone
Page 271 F191 Marshall
Page 271 F192 Martin, William Samuel
Page 272 F193 Mayo and Owen
Page 272 F194 Mayo
Page 273 F195 McBryde, Reverend Andrew Murray
Page 273 F196 McCraw, James Lemiel "Jim"
Page 274 F197 McDonald, Daniel Rev.
Page 274 F198 McDonald, James William Alexander
Page 275 F199 McGivney, Henry
Page 275 F200 McKays
Page 276 F201 McKay, Elias James
Page 276 F202 McKay, Jasper
Page 276 F203 McLauclin
Page 277 F204 McLauchlin, James Monroe
Page 278 F205 McMillion, John Lloyd
Page 278 F206 McMillon
Page 279 F207 McNair, Andrew Jackson
Page 279 F208 Merchant
Page 280 F209 Mills and Currie
Page 280 F210 Mills, Hartwell Hunter
Page 280 F211 Mooney
Page 281 F212 Mooney, Emmett Estel
Page 281 F213 Mooney, Ruben Edd
Page 281 F214 Mooney, Samuel Newton
Page 282 F215 Moore, Elisha Walter
Page 282 F216 Moore, John and Fanny
Page 283 F217 Moore, Oscar
Page 283 F218 Moore, Thomas W.
Page 283 F219 Moore, Tyra Glenn
Page 284 F220 Morrow
Page 284 F221 Mulholland, Roy Dwight and Nita Avonell Faucette
Page 284 F222 Murphy
Page 284 F223 Myricks, Larnie
Page 284 F224 Nazary, Bruce Hays
Page 285 F225 Nazary, Bruce Henry
Page 285 F226 Nazary, Charles "Charlie" Henry
Page 286 F227 Nazary, John Grey
Page 286 F228 Nazary, John Henry
Page 286 F229 Neese
Page 287 F230 Nelson-Faucette
Page 287 F231 Newsome, William Allen
Page 287 F232 Nicholson, William Henry
Page 288 F233 Nimock
Page 288 F234 O'Sullivan, Sullivan, Darby, Curtis
Page 289 F235 Orr
Page 289 F236 Owens, William
Page 289 F237 Owens, Irvin
Page 289 F238 Owens, Robert H.
Page 290 F239 Parker
Page 290 F240 Parker
Page 291 F241 Parker, John and Annah
Page 293 F242 Parkes, W. M.
Page 294 F243 Perry, Benjamin F.
Page 294 F244 Perry, Booker P.
Page 295 F245 Perry, Dr. G. L.
Page 295 F246 Perry, Frances Marion
Page 295 F247 Perry, Jessie Jackson
Page 296 F248 Pettigrew, Thomas M.
Page 296 F249 Phillips, William Perry
Page 296 F250 Phillips, Hawkins
Page 298 F251 Phillips, Wesley Isiah
Page 298 F252 Poole, John Coleman
Page 299 F253 Pope, John Benford
Page 299 F254 Pope, Otha M.
Page 300 F255 Porter, Demarcus Fiske
Page 300 F256 Ramzy, C. T. "Tal"
Page 301 F257 Rawson, Jerry, Sr.
Page 301 F258 Reeves
Page 301 F259 Reis, Dr. Enoch Bryant
Page 302 F260 Richardson, Henry Shuler
Page 302 F261 Richardson, James Knox
Page 303 F262 Richardson, Joel Henry
Page 303 F263 Riley, James "Dr. Riley"
Page 303 F264 Rivers, Horace R.
Page 303 F265 Rives
Page 304 F266 Roberts, Charley "Charlie" Marcus
Page 304 F267 Roberts, Dorrill
Page 305 F268 Roberts, John Ivinson
Page 305 F269 Roberts, John Ivison
Page 306 F270 Roberts, Robert E. Lee (Bob)
Page 306 F271 Roberts, Uriah Stepp
Page 306 F272 Roberts-Mayo
Page 306 F273 Ross, Floyd, L.
Page 307 F274 Roten
Page 307 F275 Roten, William Faulkner
Page 308 F276 Rushing, B. S.
Page 308 F277 Russell, Carlton Parrish
Page 309 F278 Russell, Daniel R.
Page 309 F279 Russell, Daniel Webster (Bud)
Page 309 F280 Russell, Edward B. Montgomery (Ed)
Page 310 F281 Sanders, Andrew Sylvester
Page 310 F282 Sanders, Robert Lee
Page 310 F283 Sanders, Sion
Page 311 F284 Sanders/Joiner
Page 311 F285 Sasser
Page 312 F286 Scott, Alexander Jackson
Page 312 F287 Scott
Page 313 F288 Scott-Mills
Page 313 F289 Scrivner
Page 313 F290 Sharkey
Page 314 F291 Sharkey, Judge William L.
Page 314 F292 Sharkey, Patrick
Page 315 F293 Smith, Benjamin F.
Page 315 F294 Smith, James Patton
Page 315 F295 Smith, James Roby
Page 317 F296 Smith, Roger James
Page 317 F297 Snuggs, John Alsey
Page 317 F298 Snuggs, Richmond Gates
Page 318 F299 Spence
Page 318 F300 Spence, Marion Mc Cagie (Mike)
Page 319 F301 Stewart, William Henry
Page 319 F302 Stewart, Zackery Taylor
Page 320 F303 Stuart, Amos Nowell
Page 320 F304 Stuart, William A.
Page 320 F305 Sudduth, Mary Emma Mills
Page 321 F306 Summers
Page 321 F307 Tate
Page 322 F308 Taylor
Page 322 F309 Thaggard, Dr. Andrew L.
Page 323 F310 Thomas, A. M.
Page 323 F311 Thomas, James
Page 324 F312 Thomas, James Allen
Page 324 F313 Thomas, W. W. and Lena C. Phillips
Page 325 F314 Thornton, Edward "Ed" Jackson
Page 325 F315 Thornton, Mahlon
Page 325 F316 Thornton, Walter Marion
Page 326 F317 Triplett
Page 327 F318 Tucker
Page 328 F319 Tucker, William
Page 328 F320 Turnage, Elisha
Page 328 F321 Vowell, Bennie E. Verette, MD
Page 329 F322 Vowell, John
Page 329 F323 Waggoner
Page 331 F324 Waggoner
Page 331 F325 Wallace, Newton Franklin
Page 331 F326 Ward
Page 332 F327 Ward, Younger A.
Page 333 F328 Ware, Willie Edward
Page 333 F329 Warwick, C. L.
Page 334 F330 Webb, Thomas Earl
Page 334 F331 Wells, Isaac
Page 335 F332 Whatley, William Berry
Page 335 F333 White
Page 336 F334 White, E. O.
Page 336 F335 White, Wylie
Page 336 F336 Whittington
Page 337 F337 Wilbanks, Mack Lewis
Page 337 F338 Wilcox, George Bryant
Page 337 F339 Wilcox, Thomas Bryant
Page 338 F340 Wilder
Page 338 F341 Wilder, Alton
Page 338 F342 Wilkerson
Page 339 F343 Williams
Page 339 F344 Williams
Page 340 F345 Williams, Jesse
Page 340 F346 Williams, Lillian Kirkland
Page 341 F347 Williams, Mayo, Jenkins
Page 341 F348 Williams, S. O.
Page 342 F349 Williams, William Arthur "Uncle Billy"
Page 343 F350 Williams, William Marcellus
Page 344 F351 Woodall
Page 344 F352 Wooten, Benjamin Franklin
Page 345 F353 Wooten, William and Lydia
Page 346 F354 Worthy, Albert and Louisa
Page 346 F355 Wright, John R. H.
Page 347 F356 Wright, Oliver