Journal # 2, 2009
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April, May, June 2009:
        April - It's Springtime in Mississippi.  On the 13th, we took Harry and Donna Caldwell to Little Richard's Fish House, to celebrate their fifty second Anniversary.  
        In late April, we were visited by Clara Rose (Sanders) Patracek of Houma, LA, who brought us a flat of delicious strawberries.  She was with her sister, Joann Fisher, who is from this area.
        We were also visited by Bob, Nathan and Jenna Best.  They say they are leaving, in about 3 weeks to move to Washington State, where Nita has been since last October.  They are supposed to come by for one last visit before moving. We will miss them very much!
       May - We were visited, on the 3rd, by Sue's cousin Bill Parkes and his wife Peggy Sue, from Natchez.  Bill has just returned from a few months on a job in Malta, off the coast of Italy.  We were joined by Sue's brother, James D Freeny, and sister, Jennie Roland, for a cousin reunion, and everyone enjoyed reliving old times.
        Joe recently got some old photos from the 1957 era, from Doris Freeny, and made copies.  If interested, they can be seen HERE
        On Mother's Day, Nita sent her mother, Nancy Sue a bouquet of flowers, from where she is staying, in Washington state.
        On Saturday, May 16, about 10PM, Sue developed severe abdominal pain and we went to the ER in Carthage.   They gave her something to stop the pain and we got home about midnight.   About 2PM, on Sunday, it came back and she actually passed out briefly and fell on the floor.   This prompted a 911 call and it was back to the ER.   She was admitted to the hospital where she spent Sunday night and Monday night.   She was totally flushed out and we got home Tuesday, with an anti-biotic for the infection.   Maybe we are past that for now.
        On Tuesday, May 26, Bob, Nathan and Jenna came to say their last goodbye, before leaving.  We got a couple of photos to help remember them.  We hope to see them home again, someday.
        June - On June 6, we were visited by four of Joe's long lost cousins .  They were Kim Gharigh, great-grand daughter of Joe's Uncle "Buff" Reeves, and her daughter, Homemyra, from New Orleans and daughter, Afshaun Harrell, and her daughter, from Jackson, TN.  Joe went with them see ancestors graves at New Hope Cemetery.  They sent some pictures .
        On Monday, June 15, we attended a gathering at the old Brooks homestead prompted by Sue's cousin, Frank Brooks from Dallas, TX.  Here are some photos .
        On June 19, Joe got a box of goodies from Nita for Father's Day.  It's the first we had heard from them since Bob and the kids got out there, in May.  We guess they are all OK.
        On Tuesday, June 30, Joe drove our friend Roger Lindsley, to his doctor in Jackson and he and 'Tine treated Joe to lunch at Penn's.   That night Joe and Sue were at the Lindsley house for our weekly "burger night".  

Joe & Nancy Sue, At home in Freeny.
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