Journal # 3, 2009
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July, August 2009:
        July - Wednesday, July 1, Sue's old classmate, Clemis Roland, from Eupora, came by.   That afternoon, Sue's cousins, Bill and Jim Parkes, along with James D Freeny, came by for a visit, and Joe made a photo .  
        The Fourth of July, we expected to spend alone, doing nothing, until 'Tine Lindsley called and invited us to come over for supper with them.   Aren't friends great!   Also there, were Ethyl Mae Sykes and Doris Turner.   What a spread!   Roast beef, rice and gravy, garden fresh black eyed peas, sweet taters, fried squash and egg plant, vine ripened sliced tomatoes, and a fresh baked cake with ice cream!
        The next week we were visited by Rev. Richard and Ruth Rankin. He is a former pastor of Freeny Methodist Church, and they remain good friends.  
        Joe found a couple who wanted to work (a bit rare, anymore) and got them to work on our yard, which had started to look like a jungle in the areas the lawn mower couldn't go.  It had been growing up since Myron Gilmore turned out to be a thief, borrowed some money and disappeared, a couple of years ago.
        August - Tuesday, August 11, we had a visit from an old friend, Betty Mills, widow of former Methodist pastor, Bill Mills.   We greatly enjoyed her visit and hope she finds her way back soon.
        On Monday. Aug 17, Clara Ann Lewis, and her husband John, visited with Nancy Sue.  Clara Ann was the postmaster at the Madden post office when Sue worked at Leake Academy.   Joe was not home, as he had gone with Harry Caldwell, on a trip to Jackson.
        Saturday, August 22, was the Freeny School Reunion.  There was good attendence, though Joe didn't get the totals.  He did get a lot of pictures, and these can be seen HERE. Click "Journal 2009" to return here.
        On Sunday. Aug 23, Joe woke at 7AM with blood on the sheets and the seat of his pajamas.  We went to the ER in Carthage where he was admitted to the hospital.  All Sunday night, he was passing blood every half hour or so, and got four units of blood.  They were going to send him to Jackson Monday morning, but they couldn't get a room at the hospital, there.  Sometime that afternoon, the bleeding stopped but he was sent to Jackson that night for tests.  
        On Tuesday, he was joined by Nancy Sue, who stayed with him.  He was given the prep (a gallon of nasty stuff to drink) that afternoon, and on Wednesday got the colon test, but didn't get the results that afternoon, so had to spend Wednesday night there, still on a liquid diet and getting really hungry since he had not eaten real food since Saturday.         On Thursday morning we saw the doctor, get the results of the tests, which showed nothing unexpected, and came home. Since that was on Joe's 75th birthday, he said he couldn't have had a better present.  Thursday night our son Bruce, and Judy Reeves, from Houston arrived to spend the weekend, and celebrate Joe's birthday.  
        On Friday afternoon, Rev. Stan Lobin, Methodist pastor, came by for a visit, and Friday night, Bruce had a birthday celebration for Joe's birthday at Little Richard's Fish House.  Several friends were invited and all seemed to enjoy the festivities.  Joe got some pictures.  See Photos .
        On Monday, August 31, Ann Freeny came by for a very nice visit, and brought Joe a nice Fruit Basket , from the Methodist Church.  Click 'Back' to return here.   For September, go to Next Page .  

Joe & Nancy Sue, At home in Freeny.