Journal # 4, 2009
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October, November, December 2009:
      October -
Today is Sunday, Oct 11.  We had good intentions of attending the Freeny Methodist Harvest Day celebration, but are vegetating in St. Dominic's Hospital instead.  On Friday, Oct 9, about 10 AM, My (Joe) heart went into atrial fibrillation, and was beating very fast, and erratically.  We went to the Carthage ER and they sent me to Jackson, by ambulance, and let Sue ride up front with the driver.  James D had brought us some stuff to the ER, including the laptop, and we are still here on Sunday.  
      I got a pacemaker on Monday, and went home Tuesday.  Sue's cousin Larry Adams and his wife, Polly, brought us home.  That afternoon, Rev. Stan Lobin, pastor of the Methodist Church, came by for a nice visit.  Wednesday, Cornelia Grimes came by with a fruit basket from the Methodist Church, and that afternoon, we were visited by Noreen Freeny and Jean Allen, who stopped by for a nice visit.  We have also had phone calls from other friends and family.  Isn't it great to have good friends!
      I have made pictures of the Harvest Day festivities for the last few years, and posted them on my website, but there won't be any this time unless someone else made them.   Marlin Collier always makes slides, and if he can scan them for me we'll put them on the site, but it may take awhile.  
      November - November was mostly a non-event.  We went to Jackson almost every week, for follow up appointments for Joe's pacemaker, and to take our friend Roger Lindsley for his chemo treatments and for doctor visits.  We expected to be alone for Thanksgiving, but got invited to eat Thanksgiving dinner with the Lindsleys.  It's great to have friends when you don't have family.
      We attended the Freeny Methodist Church Thanksgiving supper and showing of the Harvest Day slides.  I took my camera and made pictures of the screen, as the slides were shown.  The quality was not good and a lot of the pictures were not usable, but the ones that were are on the site HERE.  
      December - Nothing exciting is expected for December.  On Dec 5, we had a dusting of snow, earlier than any has fallen in many years.  Joe made a few pictures.  They got 4" at some places in South MS.  We mailed a few Christmas cards and a box with a gift for each of our family members in WA, so I guess our Christmas is done.
      On Thursday, Dec 10, our good friend, Roger Lindsley, died at home, after an extended illness and a week in the hospital.  We will miss him greatly.  He leaves 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren, who have all been with his wife, 'Tine, since he died.

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Joe & Nancy Sue, At home in Freeny.