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January, February, March 2010:
        December 2009 (brought forward) -
I brought this forward from 2009, so the whole story could be in one place. On Sunday, Dec 13, I (Joe) had some mild pain in the gall bladder region, so the doctor sent me over to Leake Memorial for a sonogram, which showed I did have a gall stone. I was set up to get it out on Monday after Christmas at St Dominic's, in Jackson, MS. The next day, they called and cancelled the surgery and set me up on Tuesday after Christmas for a CT scan, because they said the sonogram also showed a lesion on my right kidney.
        On the 29th, I got my CT scan.  After the scan, the surgeon said the spot, which was pretty large, looked like it might be malignant, but didn't seem to be involved with any blood vessels or lymph nodes.  The only Urologist he could find was in surgery (don't get sick over the holidays!), so I am set up with a Urologist appointment next Monday, Jan 4, to evaluate the CT scan.  If surgery is indicated to remove the kidney (likely), the gall bladder surgeon says he'll take care of that at the same time.  Looks like I may be getting a twofer, but don't know when.
        January - Well, I went to the Urologist, today, Jan 4th, and got bad news and bad news.  I looked at the CT with the doctor and could see a growth on top of the kidney, that was 1/2 the size of the kidney.  He said it was 99% likely that it was malignant.  Bad news #2, my left kidney is shriveled up to 1/10 normal size.  He said I could have been born that way.  I find it astounding that after 75 years, and all kinds of exams, it was never noticed.  I think it is possible the radiation I had for prostate cancer, in 1987, may have killed it and then it shriveled up.  I got a chest xray, today, to see if any other cancer showed up.  The doctor is consulting with an Oncologist, tomorrow, and I'm going to get a kidney function test from a Nephrologist.  Without a left kidney, he can hardly remove the right one, so will likely try to just remove the tumor.  I got a chest xray today to see if it showed cancer in other areas.  I should know more, later this week.
        I went to the Nephrologist, this morning, Jan 5, for the kidney function test, but won't have any results before tomorrow.  Our son, Bruce, called last night and suggested I try to get a referral to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston.  It sounds like a good idea, so I'll discuss that with the doctor when I get results of the tests, and his recomendations.  This doctor said he didn't think, at my age, I was born without a left kidney.  He said the artery to it could have become blocked, and agreed my suggestion about the radiation treatments in 1987 could have caused it.  It doesn't really matter why, it's shrunken to almost nothing.  Go to Next Page

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