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January, February, March 2010 (continued):
        January (continued) - Wednesday, Jan 6, I called to advance the idea of a consultation with M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston, TX, and was referred to a Doctor Chris Wood.  I contacted his office and was told to have all my records sent there, and that I could get an appointment in about 2 weeks.  On the 7th, I sent releases to my old Urologist to fax all my records back to 1987, and the new Urologist is sending all the tests, etc.  The chest x-ray and Kidney funtion tests showed no problems.  Nothing new on Friday.  Monday Jan 11, I made a number of calls trying to round up medical records and old x-rays at different places.  I'll be going to Jackson, on Friday, to pick up copies of my CAT scan and other records to send to M. D. Anderson.  
        I picked up records from Leake Memorial Hospital, in Carthage, on Wednesday, and discovered I was treated for LEFT kidney problems in 1996 and 1997, so apparently, I still had that kidney, then.  I called my local doctor with the news, and he said it is conceivable that the left kidney just didn't show up on the CT scan, but since I saw the scan, I doubt that.  He also said they might be able to treat the problem causing the kidney to shrink, and might restore it's function.  I copied all the records and am puting them on web pages so my doctors can examine them.  I'll also do the ones I pick up Friday.
        Today, Thursday, Jan 14, I got some of the records on the website and called M. D. Anderson to get their email address and sent them the link to the website.  They said they got the records faxed by my Urologist, in Jackson, and have set me an appointment for 12 noon on Wednesday, Jan 20, and said we should come prepared to stay 3-5 days.  I called SW Airlines and made a reservation for that morning, on a flight leaving at 7:50 AM, from Jackson, and arriving Houston at 9:15 AM.  We'll have to get up early, since they say we have to be at the airport 1 1/2 hours before flight time.  It'll take twice as long to get to the airport and get checked in as it will to fly to Houston.  Harry and Donna Caldwell have graciusly volunteered to take us to the airport.  We'll take the shuttle from the airport to M. D. Anderson.  Judy Reeves has generously offered to put us up at her apartment and our son Bruce, who will not be in Houston, said we could use his pickup truck, which he is leaving there.  It looks like things are starting to come together.
        On Friday, we went to an appointment with a group doing an Alzheimer's study.  I think Sue will be participating.  We're to go back Feb 5 for the next session.  I picked up records from Hinds Urology and St Dominics Hospital to take to Houston.  We go Tuesday morning to Sue's hip doctor and I'll pick up the rest of my records from Baptist Hospital and Jackson Urology, then.  Go to Next Page

        Joe & Nancy Sue, At home in Freeny.