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April 2010:
        April - Friday, April 2, My heart beat is still irregular.  I have been taking a double dose of Amiodorone since last Sunday, and it is keeping my heart from running away, but hasn't stabilized the irregular beat.  I am to see Dr Cotten, my Cardiologist on the 14th.  If I'm not a lot better by then, I'm going to tell him he needs to FIX it.  I am tired of feeling rotten and afraid to try to drive.
        This Sunday is Easter, and they are having services at 6:30 AM, followed by breakfast and then Sunday School.  Sue says she wants to go.  Considering the results of the last 3 trips she's made, I have my doubts, but guess I'll wake her up on Sunday morning, and see if she still wants to try it.  I hope I am up to driving us there and back without assistance.
        Wednesday, April 7 - Well, the trip to the church, Sunday, went fine for me, but Sue got to feeling bad when we went in to the breakfast area after services.  She refused to eat anything, so I ate mine and brought her home.  We had to get up at 6AM, to go, and she usually sleeps until noon, so when we got home, shen went to the bathroom, then to bed and I waked her at 6PM to eat supper.  She is sleeping 16-20 hours a day now.  Yesterday I was feeling good in the morning so decided to drive us to town to the doctor.  Sue needed a new prescription for pain meds for her back.  We drove through McD's and got something for breakfast, then to the doctors, and then to Walmart, where I rode the cripple cart around the store and picked up a few things we needed, while Sue stayed in the car.  As soon as we got home she said she was cold, went to bed and slept most of the day.  She got up about 2PM, today, and came to the recliner, where she went back to sleep.  She has become VERY cold natured.  As I am writing this, I am wearing a short sleeved shirt and sweating, with the A/C set on 76 degrees.  She is wearing a heavy jacket, a warm robe and is wrapped in an afghan, and still complains of being cold.  I guess we'll save money on the electric bill, now that hot weather is about here.  Continued on Next Page

Joe & Nancy Sue, At home in Freeny.