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October 2010:
       Tuesday, October 5 - We went back to the doctor, last week, since Sue had an ear ache, left over from her bronchial infection, and I had a severe back problem.  He renewed Sue's meds and sent me to get x-rays.  He said the x-rays didn't show anything abnormal, so I am taking Tylenol Arthritis pills and hurting.  Today we got our monthly pedicure, since neither of us can reach our feet, anymore.  Tonight we went to the weekly 'burger night' at 'Tine Lindsley's.  It was good to get out for awhile.
        Monday, October 11 - On Saturday, Pat Parke, widow of a former pastor, and her daughter, Patti Parke Clark, from Oklahoma, stopped by for a short visit, then they attended the annual Methodist Harvest Day services and meal, on Sunday.  We went to the Harvest Day festivities and enjoyed a good meal with our friends.  The Baptist skipped their services and came to the Methodist celebration, so the church was packed.  The weather was nice, and not too hot, so we all enjoyed the outdoor meal.  I took my camera and made some pictures.  Click HERE, then on 2010.  Sue still has her ear ache, so I guess we'll go back to the doctor tomorrow, but hope to do 'burger night' tomorrow night.  
        Thursday, October 14 - We went to the doctor on Tuesday, and Sue got a shot for her ear ache.  For me, I got set up for therapy for my back pain, which is now located on my right pelvis and I'm afraid it may be that hip.  I called my hip doctors's office and the soonest I could get an appointment is a month from now.  We made "burger night" and enjoyed it, in spite of the pain.  I took one of Sue's Lorcet caps, before I went for therapy, on Wednesday, and got through the exercises fine.  I guess it aggravated my problem because when I got up for the bathroom, at 2:30 AM, it was really hurting, so I took Tylenol and managed to get back to sleep until 5 AM.  When I got up then, the pain was excrutiating.  I managed to get to my recliner and took one of Sue's Lorcet caps, which let me sleep a couple more hours.  By then, it was hurting so badly that at 8AM, I called a neighbor to take me to the ER.  The ER doctor said I should make my therapy appointment tomorrow, because the exercises could, possibly, provide a permanent benefit.  If "no pain, no gain" is really true, after a few more sessions, I should be at the peak of health, and even young and handsome!  I hope it isn't the hip, since I don't know if I could survive another major surgery, after all the complications of the last two.  Go to Next Page..             
Joe & Nancy Sue, At home in Freeny.