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January, February, March 2011:
       Sunday, Jan 2 - The New Years weekend was fairly quiet.  There was some bad weather, including tornados, which came through on New Years Eve.  We heard a lot of fireworks noise,on New Years night, but didn't try to go out to see.  A neighbor brought us some of their traditional New Years dinner, and we enjoyed that.  I will say that we are neither destitute nor starving, but it is nice to be remembered, and get something I don't have to fix.  We watched the MSU Bulldogs beat Michigan, severely, in the Gator Bowl.  
      Monday, Jan 10 - We didn't go to church yesterday.  The freezing precipitation didn't start until afternoon, but the temp was in the 20s, and the wind was pretty stiff.  Brrrr! We learned later that both churches had turned out early because the frozen stuff started coming down. There wasn't much frozen stuff, but it has been in the low 30s all day, so not much has melted.  I finally went out about 2 PM and made a couple of pictures.
      Thursday, Jan 13 - It has been REALLY cold and the frozen stuff that fell Sunday is mostly still on the deck. It was 19 outside at 8 AM.  Back before Christmas, the Buick heater was giving trouble, and nobody seemed to know how to fix it, so I bought a 2009 Mercury from Jerry Powers.  He volunteered to get his mechanic to look at the Buick heat and A/C and they fixed it.  I put an ad in the shopper paper, and had a call about it this morning.
      Sunday, Jan 23 - We didn't go to church on the 16th, because it was still 19, that morning, with a stiff breeze.  A guy came to look at the Buick, on Monday, and bought it, so we are back to one car again. We went most of 2 weeks without getting out of the house.  I did go to Walmart for groceries this week.  The temps this morning were high 30s with the sun shining, so we went to Sunday School and Church.  About 2PM Sue said she was cold, and went back to bed.  I'll wake her about 5 for supper.  She is still sleeping 16-18 hours daily, because of the Alzheimer's.
      Monday, Jan 31 - Things have been pretty quiet.  On Tuesday, the 25th, we attended the Senior Citizen's luncheon at the Methodist church, and on Saturday, the 29th, we went to the chicken stew and bingo night at the church.  We made it back to church on Sunday, and another month ends.  Go to February.

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