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April, May, June 2011:
      Sunday, April 3 - We went to Sunday School, this morning, though we weren't feeling real well.  At church time, Sue said she wanted to go home, and I was ready.  I had tried physical therapy, last Friday, and got about half of it done before I had to quit.  I'll try again, tomorrow.
      Sunday, April 10 - We went to Sunday School and church, today, and made it pretty good.  Last Thursday, the Caldwells took us to eat at Little Richard's Fish House, to celebrate Sue's birthday.  Her birthday was March 24, but we had all been too sick to do it then.  I made it OK at therapy, last week, by resting between excercises.  I learned that Medicare won't pay for any more therapy after this next week, until next year, so after that I will have to go back to the health club and try to duplicate what I have been getting in therapy, as well as I can.  Most of the machines at the health club are designed for young, healthy, athlete types, so I'll just have to do what I can.
      Thursday, April 14 - We took Harry and Donna Caldwell to Little Richard's Fish House to celebrate their anniversary.  See Picture.   Friday, the 15th was my last day of therapy.  On Monday, the 18th, I started going back to the health club on M-W-F.  The health club machines are built for young, athletic people and I certainly don't fit that profile. I have mostly just worked with dumbells on a weight bench.  It's not up to what I was getting in therapy, but is better than nothing.  On Thursday, the 21st, I took Sue back to the Pain Clinic for her back.  When we went a month ago, she went 2 weeks without complaining once.  This time it seems to be bothering her worse than before the shot.  I called the clinic, but didn't hear back.  Guess I'll try them again, tomorrow.  On Easter Sunday, the 24th, I set the clock and we went to sunrise services at 6:30 AM, followed by breakfast and Sunday School.  That afternoon, our friend 'Tine Lindsley, called and asked if we would come over for supper and help her eat some of the leftovers from the Easter lunch with her kids.  We did and it was delicious.  Today, Monday, the 25th, was back to boring, except for Sue's Sta-Home nurse coming this morning and a trip to the health club.
Wednesday, the 27th was a bit of excitement!  We were watching recorded programs when James D called, at 1:45 PM, and asked if they could come down and get in our basement.  We said come on, and switched to news to see the tornado warning that one was headed our way.  We spent about an hour with them in our basement, until Jamie Lee said her super cell phone was showing that it had passed us.  The rest of the story has been all over the news, as this system, which was just starting to build over us, went on to cause terrible damage to a lot of places east of us.  There were also numerous other tornados causing havoc across the southeast.  We were fortunate that we came out without damage.         Joe & Nancy Sue, At home in Freeny.
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