2011 Journal of Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves
It looks as if our traveling days are over, we now just call this our journal - -
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The motorhome is Gone!
It was sold on June 7, 2010.
Goodbye old friend!
Journal 1   January, February, March 2011:  New Year tornadoes.
        MSU Dawgs win Gator bowl.  Some ailments, and 3" of snow in
        February.  I start physical therapy.  Spring is HERE!                                                     

Journal 2   April, May, June 2011:  Spring arrives, with pollen sneezes and the crud - - but warm and
        pretty.  April gets hot.  Late April brings record tornados.  They finally get Osama Bin Laden.  
        NO rain in May.  Several days set heat records.  Linda Freeny has stroke.
Journal 3   July, August, September 2011:  Parkes Cousin Reunion and Birthday for Dee Brooks and
         Larry Adams, both born on the 4th of July.  Joe has cataract surgery.  Summer flowers.  Freeny
        School Reunion.                                                                                             

Journal 4   October, November, December 2011:   Thanksgiving, Christmas and other boring days, spent
         alone.  When the most exciting things, in your life, is visits to the doctor, ER and hospital, I guess
         boring is GOOD!                                        

Joe and Nancy Sue Reeves - Still kicking (so far).   

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