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January, February, March 2012:
       Sunday, Jan 8 - The New Years weekend was quiet.  We heard a lot of fireworks noise, on New Years Eve
night, but didn't try to go out to see.  We went to church New Years Day, and also this morning. 
       Wednesday, Feb 1 - Well, the whole month of January went by and nothing exciting enough to mention.  My life is so boring there is nothing to tell.  At least there have been no trips to the hospital or ER.  Sue's Alzheimer's is getting much worse, and the meds are not helping.  I'm sure, she will soon have to go to the nursing home, but I dread having to tell her, or make the move.
     We still go to church on Sunday morning, and to 'Tine Lindsley's on Tuesday nights, but nowhere else, unless it's a doctor appointment.  We did take 'Tine, and my cousin Mary Kate out to the Golden Palace buffet,on the 26th, because Mary had a birthday on the 25th, and 'Tine on the 27th.  Well, we are starting a new month.  We'll see how it goes?
       Sunday, Feb 12 - We went to Sunday school and church, this morning.  Sue got to feeling so bad during church, that I asked someone to help her to the car.  She seemed to be feeling a little better when we got home and was able to get in the house by herself.  She did some sleeping this afternoon, and I got a nap.  We felt better tonight and were able to go to the Valentine's Day supper at the church.  Joel Gill provided the entertainment, playing his guitar and singing some old love songs.  It was quite enjoyable.  I'm glad we were up to going.  They asked who had been married longest and we had it, without question.  The crowd was mostly young folks and 3 widows, so we had the younger folks by at least 10 years.  Christmas Day was our 55th.
       Sunday, Feb 26 - Well 2 more weeks have passed and everything is still dull and boring.  Sue's mind continues to decline.  For the last week or so, she has started, after dark, saying, "When are we going home?", and sometimes will repeat it several times, even after I assure her that we are home, and have lived here for 44 years, and in this house for 25 years.  One night, she wouldn't believe me until I took her to the kitchen and showed her the stained glass window, she made for the back door when we built the house.  It gets frustrating sometimes, especially when she starts gathering up things to 'take home' with us.  We did go to church both Sunday mornings, and to her Alzheimer's doctor, and my pacemaker doctor.  The visits were routine.  Ernestine was out of town, last Tuesday, and we missed our weekly 'burger night' at her house, but are supposed to have it this week.

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