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April, May, June 2012:

       May 16, 2012 - Things have been totally boring for April, and so far, in May.  We try to go to church and Sunday school, on Sunday morning, and we go to "burger night" at 'Tine Lindsley's on Tuesday night.  The Sta-home nurse comes once a week, and a Sta-home aide is coming twice a week, now, to help Nancy Sue bathe and change clothes.  The only other excitement is going to doctors or, if things go wrong, to the ER.  In that respect, I guess boring is good.
       Sue's Alzheimer's continues to get worse, and it seems, now, that the things she can remember are from about 40 years ago.  Fairly often, when we go to bed, she will ask, "Are the kids here, or are they up at Mama's?"  The kids are now 50 and 53, and her Mama died in 1990.  I don't think there is a worse disease on earth!  It destroys your brain and mind, slowly, until you are a vegetable, and there is NO cure!
       June 9, 2012 - Things are about the same.  Sue's Alzheimer's gets steadily worse.  Our routine is still the same.  The only thing different was last Sunday.  I took her to Sunday school, and she had a fainting spell, so acouple of guys helped her to the car and I took her to the ER.  She was, by that time, complaining of abdominal pain.  While I was at the office getting her checked in, she apparently got an urge, and when I started back to the ER, the nurse had her in the restroom.  After that, she started feeling better and was then diagnosed with having had a blockage.  After blood tests came back normal, we came home.  I am now giving her some fiber stuff in her orange juice, every morning.
       As you can see, we live really exciting lives.   You might find it more enjoyable to go read our travel pages, from when life was good.  There is no way all this could be anything but bo-o-o-o-ring!  If there is anything else, by the end of the month, I will report it, here.
       June 23, 2012 - Well, there is still nothing to report, here at home, but I got an email from the Parkers, who bought the old motorhome, and they are in a campground in Missouri.  They said they are having fun.  It's nice to know that the old motorhome is still alive.  They sent us some pictures.       

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