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July, August, September 2012:
      July 5, 2012 - Well, the 4th of July was a non-event. We went to Sunday school and church, last Sunday, the 1st.  Near the end of the service, Sue had a mild fainting spell, and sort of slumped over on me.  When it ended, a few minutes later, one man got the wheel chair, but she said she didn't need it, so a man helped her out to the car.  When we got home she still looked a bit unstable, so I sat her on the seat of my rolling walker, and brought her in, that way.  She slept for about 3 hours, on the couch, and then seemed to be back to normal, for her.  We did "burger night at 'Tine's on Tuesday.  I took a pizza, so I guess it was "pizza night".  Tuesday, and today, the aide from Sta-Home came by to help Sue with her bath and changing clothes, and yesterday James D. and Jamie came down to clean house and take out garbage.  Tomorrow the Sta-Home nurse will be here, and Saturday will be another dead day.
Just another typical week.
      August 4, 2012 - Well, last night we took the Caldwells to eat at Little Richard's Catfish House, to celebrate Donna's birthday, on July 30. That may be the last time, since they say he is closing on August 14.  Sue's Alzheimer's is getting steadily worse, and she is living farther and farther in the past.  She seems to remember little, if any, of our 10+ years of travel, that we started about 1995.  It gets worse later in the day, and at night.  She often asks me, "Are the kids here, or up at Mama's?"  Her Mama died over 22 years ago, and the kids haven't lived with us in over 30 years.  We still go to Sunday school, and church, on Sunday morning, and to "burger night", at 'Tine Lindsley's, on Tuesday nights.  
      August 12, 2012 - Today, we went to Sunday school and church.  I thought Sue was going to have one of her spells, but she was able to get out to the car, and from the car into the house.  She went to bed and slept a couple of hours.  I have a Sta-Home therapist coming twice weekly to try to help get my right leg back into better shape.  It has gotten worse, until I can't put my full weight on it, but can walk, with the walker, if I put about 30-40 pounds on each hand on the walker.  The Sta-Home nurse comes once a week, and an aide comes twice weekly to help us both with baths and changing clothes.  I can usually keep Sue under control, unless she decides to go outside, and then I just have to watch through the window, and call her brother, James, if she is wandering too far.  He lives up the hill on the same driveway.  Life is still mostly BO-O-O-O-RING!
      August 25, 2012 - Today we attended the Freeny School Reunion.  Sue graduated there in 1955 and was Miss Freeny High.  The school closed in 1957.  To see the pictures, I made, go to - Pictures.  Continued on Next Page.

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