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October, November, December 2012:
      Sunday, October 14 - We went to the Harvest Day services, today, and stayed to eat.  I took my camera, but didn't get many pictures, because it was threatening rain, and we had to stay inside.  To see the pictures, that I got, and also Marlin Collier's go to Pictures. To see Vacation Bible School pictures,Click Here.        
      Sunday, October 26 - I have been in physical therapy, 3 days a week, since getting out of the hospital.  Today, I waked up feeling bad, and checked my BP.  I was in atrial fibrillation.  I took an extra Pacerone, and went to the ER, where I got on a monitor, but didn't get any treatment.  After about 3 hours, my heart rate got under 100, so they sent me home.  I have 3 more PT sessions next week.
      Sunday, November 11 - I am still in Afib, though I have been taking an extra Pacerone, daily.  I have an appointment to see my heart doctor on Tuesday.  We'll see if he can fix the problem.
      Tuesday, November 13 - Saw my heart doctor.  I still have the problem.  He said go back to one a day on the Pacerone, and called me in a prescription for a new med.  I'll start taking it tomorrow, and am to see the Nurse Practicianer in 2 weeks.
      Thursday, November 22 - Happy Thanksgiving!  It will be just another day, for us.  We have no family, so will spend it alone.  I am writing this at 9AM, and have had my breakfast snack.  Sue with her Alzheimer's sleeps about 12 hours, at night, so I don't expect her to be up before about 10:30.  I'll give her, her morning snack, and morning meds.  We'll have a "lunch" snack, about 1PM.  That is usually a Dr. Pepper and an ice cream bar.  One thing special, is that Sue's brother said he'd bring us each plates of their leftovers, for supper.  He invited us to come and eat with them, but I didn't want to intrude, and Sue's Alzheimer's makes her behavior unpredictable.  
      I still am in Afib, but my heart rate is down in the low 80s, and doesn't seem to be quite as erraqtic, so maybe the new med, Lanoxin, is helping.  I go to the nurse practicianer, on Tuesday.  If it isn't down below 70, by then, so the pacemaker can take over, I'll ask if the pacemaker can be set up to about 85 and see if it will take control.
      Tuesday, December 4 - The heart rate problem seems to be better, but not gone.  Have you ever had someone say, "Cheer up, things could be worse" - - Well, I cheered up and things did get worse!  Yesterday morning, when I picked up the newspaper, things were blurry, and I had spots before my eyes.  I discovered I was blind in my left eye.  After a couple of hours, and a CT scan at the ER, I was told I was NOT having a stroke, and was sent to the eye doctor.  He could see no problem in my eye, and I'm to go back tomorrow for further tests.

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