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January, February, March 2013:
      February 4 - 2013    I stayed in swingbed, in Carthage, for a week, and heard they had an opening at Hilltop Manor, nursing home, in Union, MS, so got Sue admitted there, on Medicaid, by giving them her SS check and bank account. She seems to be adjusting OK. Two weeks later, they told me they didn't know how much longer they could justify keeping me in swingbed, in Carthage, and a spot was open at Hilltop Manor, where I could stay for 90 days, paid by Medicare, so I wouldn't have to give them everything I own. I am in my 3rd week here. We are both still in this nursing home. Sue is on Medicaid, so they take her SS check. I am here for 90 days on Medicare, so they are not getting everthing I own. I still haven't found a surgeon who is willing to try to fix my leg and hip. They say it is too risky, and I tell them I don't care about risk. I'd rather die trying to fix the problem, than spend the rest of my life in bed and in pain. Maybe I can find one with some guts who is willing to take on the task. I am still looking, and will continue to do so. This place is depressing, to me, though Sue with her total short term memory loss seems to be doing OK. I am working with the goal of getting a hospital bed, at home, and an electric wheelchair. If I can transfer from one to the other, which I am getting to doing here with a regular wheelchair, I could probably get by with a nurse coming in 8 hours a day, which I can pay for, if I have to, and I'd hope Medicare would help out. Then if I can make it at home, I'll get Sue back home, as she needs less caring for than I do. It is ridiculous that Medicaid is paying $6000/month, and Medicare is paying that much for me, for us to stay here, and they won't pay 1/10 of that to help us stay home.
      March 7 - 2013   Today, I had an appointment with my Orthopedic surgeon, and got some more tests.  My surgery date is April 22, and I have to go back again for more tests, and for a pre-op appointment.  Six more weeks of pain, and then maybe I can get it fixed.  It seems like a long time, but that was the first available surgery date that he had available.  At least, now, I have something to look forward to.
      March 24 - 2013 Well, we were making it pretty well at home with the sitter, until a week ago, on Saturday. I guess I was losing strength in my good leg and was having trouble with balance. When I fell the second time, that day, I had them take me to the hospital. While I was there, we heard there were openings in the local nursing home, They said Sue would have to spend 3 nights in the hospital to qualify for the nursing home. In the meantime, they said they also had a bed for me, so we both moved down here on Friday. I feel it will be permanent for her, this time. I'll check tomorrow, and if I have enough Medicare days left, I may stay here until my surgery date. This is Sue's 76th birthday, and Jennie and her cousin, Frank Brooks stopped by with some cupcakes, and later our friend Ernestine Lindsley stopped by.

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