Madden Day 2006
August 22, 2006 - Madden Day, Madden Mississippi:
    We attended this media extravaganza which ended up being held in Joe Mack Thaggard's pasture near Madden.  It was to be held at the football field at Leake Academy until the Leake County Public Schools officials tossed political correctness into the mix and fouled things up.  As it turned out, the only people hurt by this were the Carthage Band and public school students, who didn't get to participate.  It was quite an event and made the news across the country.  Joe wrote a
letter to our local paper, The Carthaginian, which also had quite a spread about the event.  Joe and Jennie Roland, Sue's sister, were interviewed and quoted in the Commercial Appeal in Memphis.  There were about 2000 people in attendence.  There were bands from Philiadelphia and Kosciusko and the cheer leaders from Leake Academy (they no longer have a band).  
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Jerry Rice signs autographs                    Marshall Faulk, Warren Moon, Jerry Rice
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