The next 6 pages are pictures we made at the 2005 Freeny High School Re-union.  If you missed it, and ever attended Freeny School, you can be sure someone there missed seeing YOU!  To see pictures of the school and churches in the 1950s, click HERE.   Since we didn't know many of the people there, and to save time and space, we have not provided names or captions on the photos.  To help you identify some of the people, we have included pages from the 1954 and 1955 annuals.   Nancy Sue's Class of 1955 posed for a picture and she brought a cake to honor deceased members of her class.  Everybody renewed old aquaintance.  Guess we all look a bit different now.  See below:
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Freeny School Re-union 2005
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Ann Neal
Norma Ellis
Cindy Coleman
Elaine McKenzie's  Pictures
of all Pictures at the reunion.