Fri, Sep 8 - Wed, Sep 13 (Dawson City and Whitehorse,YK, Skagway, AK, Kitwanga, BC):
      We left in a light rain, with some concern about the road, and crossed the border into the
The Top of the World Highway was a disappointment because we were in the
clouds most of the way and couldn't see the scenery, or make pictures.  We
crossed the
Yukon River on the ferry, found a campground, went to the visitor
center, saw
Jack London's cabin and museum, Robert Service's cabin,
toured the town and drove up to a mountain overlook.  Saturday we left for
Whitehorse with
2 bicyclists who wanted  to hitch a ride and save about 3 days
of pedaling. One was from Germany and one from Switzerland.  It was the
prettiest sunny day of the whole trip and the
scenery and fall colors were
breathtaking.  Gas in Dawson City was $3 per gallon.  We burned $100 worth
on the 300 miles to Whitehorse and spent $94 to fill up there.  We met Neal at the
campground, there.  Sunday, we drove to Skagway, AK, in the rain, with Neal in his pickup, and saw a rock fall in the road.  We visited the old town of Dyea, which was wiped out by an avalanche, during the gold rush days.  We had a good view of Skagway from an overlook on the Dyea road.  Then we toured the town of Skagway.  We checked into putting the van on a ferry and riding down through the "Inside Passage" to Vancouver, but for us, the van and trailer, it woul have cost over $2800, so we decided to forget that.  The van quit on Joe in Whitehorse and Neal picked him up.  We discovered the van problems since leaving home were due to bad ignition wiring, and Joe spent most of Monday scrounging parts and working on the van.   Tuesday, we headed down the Cassier "Highway".  The road was mostly gravel and muddy..  We visited the Jade Shop near a large jade mine.  It was a neat place, with huge jade boulders lying all around.  We spent the night at Mighty Moe's campground, in the middle of nowhere.  It was a very interesting place.  We met 2 young guys, there, who worked in a gold mine and one of them gave Sue a piece of quartz with a vein of gold through it.   On Wednesday, we continued down the Cassier "Highway" and saw two black bears on the side of the road.  We stayed in the Cassier RV Park at Kitwanga, BC..  We washed the van there because the roads should be paved from here on.   On Thursday, we arrived at Prince George and stayed at the really nice, Heartland RV Park.  We decide to stay a few days and rest.  On Friday, Neal left us and headed for California to visit his son.  We stayed until Sunday to wash clothes and rest.

Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, Canada       
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