July 1996 - We had planned to take the trailer and go with Bob, Nita and the kids to Atlanta for Nathan's next to last ear surgery the first of July, but had to cancel because of a major van breakdown at the last minute.  They went without us but all went well with the surgery.  Bruce and Judy came from Houston for a few days over the 4th of July.

   August - November 1996 - We went on the craft show circuit with Sue's Stained Glass, to help support her hobby and maybe make some money for trips.  We made a different show almost every weekend from August through November.   We didn't make a lot of money but had fun traveling around.

December 1996 - Joe got all the Christmas lights out in the yard (about 10,000 lights).
On December 6th we attended our last craft show of the year in Alabama and met Bob, Nita and the kids in Atlanta for Nathan's LAST ear surgery.  He had his surgery the following week and we stayed at
Stone Mountain with them for a few days.  We were very happy this was his last surgery, and we all had a very nice Christmas. 
Travel 1996 - Page 2
      A synopsis of our travels in 1996, taken from our Christmas newsletter.  We couldn't find Sue's diary.