In January, we went to Houston to visit son Bruce & wife Judy where Bruce was captain of his Mardi Gras Ball.

      In February, we took the trailer to Florida for 3 weeks. We visited Joe's brother Charles in Chipley and stayed at Falling Waters SP.  Then we continued to St. Augustine, then Titusville to tour the Space Center and watch a shuttle launch.  Next stop was Port St. Lucie where we visited Ed & Polly Roy for a few days.  From there we went to Tampa to see Bob & Ann Lynn, but Joe got sick so that visit was cut short.  We spent a few days in the trailer so he could recuperate.  After a stop north of Tampa with a clogged fuel filter, we continued up the west coast to Pensacola and Gulf Islands National Seashore for a couple of days.  At the Naval Aviation Museum, Joe relived some of his Navy days with some of the aircraft he flew.  We visited Ann and Gerald Woolard and then headed home.

In March, Ann and Gerald came by on their way to meet other friends and spent a night with us.  Later, Joe was having erratic blood pressure and heart beat so went to a cardiologist.  He ended up getting heart catherization, but checked out O.K. and a change in medicine solved his problems.  Later in March, Bob, Nita, the grandchildren, Bruce and Judy were here to help Sue celebrate her 60th birthday.

      In April, we went with Harry & Donna Caldwell in our trailers to Hammond, LA for the strawberry festival. We had a good time and ate strawberries by the case.

In May, we had a visit from Cousin Frank Books and Family, from the Dallas area.

      In June, Joe started a store building for daughter Nita & son-in-law Bob Best next door to their veterinary clinic in Florence, MS.  On July 3, while attending Nathanís 7th birthday party, Joe fell and broke his kneecap, so he had to finish the store building giving directions from his wheelchair.

Travel 1997
This was taken from our Christmas
newsletter for 1997.  We could not find Nancy Sue's diary for the year.