Travel Pages 1998
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January, 1998 - We get Smokey, the cat, and have snow:
On the 13th, we went to Jackson for a doctor visit and came back by Dwight and Clemis Renfrow's in Brandon to pick up the young cat, they were giving us.  She was about 6 months old, long haired, solid gray and we named her Smokey.  On the 16th, we had our second snow of the winter.
March 29, 1998 - Florence to see Nita's new house:
      Nita and Bob just took delivery on their
new double wide mobile home at the lake they built on their land south of Florence and we went to check it out.  It is going to be a nice place when they are finished.  The lake is stream fed, is already full and some Canadian geese have already found it.  We know they will be glad to have their own home after 10 years in the apartment over the clinic.
April 2-6, 1998 - Home to Strawberry Festival and return:
      We went, with the Caldwells and our trailers, to the Strawberry Festival in Hammond, LA.  We stopped to eat at Shoney's, in Pearl, for breakfast, and got to
Hammond KOA about noon.  Harry and Joe got a flat of strawberries to eat, and we all went to Middendorf's to eat supper.  We came back to our RVs, sat outside and ate strawberries and ice cream.  Smokey, the cat, is with us and seems to like travelling just fine.  On the 3rd, we sat outside, watching the ducks on the lake and eating strawberries.  We went next door to Catfish Charlie's, that night, to eat fish, sat ouside until 10PM, then had strawberries and ice cream in the Caldwells' trailer.  The 4th, Saturday, we drove down to see what the festival was about, but after a look at the crowds and traffic, we returned to camp and sat around all day, then went to Middendorf's for supper, came back for strawberries.  The 5th, Sunday, we sat around all day and pooled our lunches at our picnic table.  We let Smokey, the cat, out without a leash for awhile and she enjoyed sniffing around the campsite.  We walked over to Catfish Charlie's for another mess of catfish.  Monday, we picked up 22 flats of strawberries for us and folks at home.  Harry and Donna got several for their folks.  We had sandwiches at the camp and headed for home.  We stopped at Florence for a visit with the Best family and then home.  Smokey seemed glad to be back.