Space Center and Disney World, with Nathan and Jenna
Sunday, January 10 - Monday, January 18:
     We picked up Nathan and Jenna at Florence Animal Clinic and hit the road.  We stopped at a Corps of Engineers campground near Montgomery, AL.  The kids rode their bicycles, we built a campfire and the kids toasting marshmallows.  Monday, we continued to Suwanee State Park in northern Florida.  They had a large, 10' tall, chain saw carving of an indian from an old tree stump.  The kids enjoy sitting on the dash of the motorhome and hiding behind the windshield curtains.  On Tuesday, went to Manatee Hammock Campground in Titusville, FL.  The kids rode their bikes around the campground and we all walked down to the river to look across at the Space Center and see where we'll sit tomorrow night to watch the shuttle launch.  Wednesday, we toured the Space Center and saw the IMAX movies.  The kids were really intrigued by the 3D movie and reached out to try to touch things which appeared to be right in front of us.  They rode some of the rides and enjoyed looking at the exibits.  We learned the space shot has been delayed, so Sue and the kids rode bikes around the campground.  Thursday, we drove over to the Canaveral AFB and learned there will be an unmanned satellite launch on the 26th.  We went to Walmart, then went to a large orange grove and got some oranges.  Friday, we went to the Astronauts Hall of Fame where we saw a real space shuttle, a moon lander and lots of other neat stuff.  We went to a  McDonalds for lunch, then back to the Space Center to see what we missed and to see the 3D IMAX again.   Saturday, we went to Port St. Lucie to visit Ed and Polly Roy.  They took us out to lunch, then Joe helped Ed order parts to upgrade his computer while Polly, Sue, Jenna and Nathan picked oranges from their tree in the yard.  Sunday, we drove to Shades of Green at Disney World to pick up our military tickets.  Monday, we moved the motorhome to Disney World's Fort Wilderness Campground.  We were parked and set up by noon, so took the bus to the Launch Dock and a boat ride over to Fantasy Land.  The kids really enjoyed it.  Joe was really beat by the time we got back so he called and ordered a cripple cart rental to be delivered to him at the Crystal Palace, where we'll be eating breakfast with Winnie the Poo, tomorrow. 
Joe, Nancy Sue, Nathan & Jenna - On the Road - Disney World  
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