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Wednesday, Feb 24 - Sunday, Mar 7 (Couldn't find any pictures to scan):
We left about 10, dropped off Smokey, the cat, at Nita's, ate lunch in the M/H at a Louisiana rest stop and spent the night at Lake Claiborne SP in LA.  Thursday, we were in the suburbs of Dallas when the M/H just died and wouldn't re-start.  The alternator had gone out and the battery was dead.  A Texas Ranger stopped to direct traffic and Joe called AAA, who sent out a tow truck.  He was able to jump us off with a portable battery pack.  We started the generator and were able to follow the tow truck to Four Seasons RV.  Those nice folks hooked us up to the electricity and we spent the night on their lot.  It turned out the Honda battery was also dead, so Friday AM, we called Cousin Frank Brooks who came over and picked us up.  We spent the day with Frank and Dee while they worked on our vehicles.  He took us back at 4, we paid our bill and moved to Lewis Lake COE park, where we spent Saturday and Sunday, while we visited with Frank and Dee in their beautiful home in Richardson, and attended church with them Sunday AM.  Monday we left about 10 and drove to a Forest Service park near Huntsville, TX.  We'd planned to stay there 2-3 days, but the Forest Service had leased their parks in the area to Cradle of Forestry in America (The Vanderbilt Trust).  They had added $10/night to the regular Forest Service rates to make themselves richer off the public lands at the expense of the public.  We got out of there Tuesday AM and were gratified to see we were the only ones there.  Maybe this will NOT be a trend.  We stopped at a Good Sam park in Welford (Houston suburb).  Wednesday, we moved to downtown Houston where we're parked on the street, in front of the old warehouse where our son Bruce and Judy are now living.  Thursday, Nita called to say Smokey had been missing, since we dropped her off.  They had just  found her living in a hollow log below their pond levee.  Guess she thought we had just dumped her.  We'll take her with us from now on.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday we visited with Bruce and Judy and Joe helped him with some plumbing in a bathroom they were installing.   We'll leave tomorrow and be back "On the Road".
Joe and Nancy Sue, On the Road, Texas
Trip to Dallas, Houston, Marshall, Carthage, Texas