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Off the Road until Sep 15, when we left for VA
Late April - Mid Sep - Off the Road in Mississippi:
Sunday, May 2 - Monday, May 11,
Polly and Ed Roy visited with us at our home in Freeny, MS and spent the week.  We really enjoyed having them with us.
Tuesday, May 12, we moved the motorhome to the veterinary clinic in Florence so Joe could live there while he helps Nita build an addition onto her Pet and Livestock Supply store.  He was there all summer.  A fairly routine building job, until the night of Sep 4, when Joe had to call 911 because his heart went into atrial fibrillation.  He was in the Hospital for 24 hours until they got his heart beat regulated and gave him some medicine to keep it regulated.  Since they were pretty well finished with the building, Nita told Joe to go home.  We got a brochure from Walton's Mountain in Virginia, concerning their craft show on October 15-16.  We decided to combine business and pleasure and take a trip up that way and make the show with Sue's Stained Glass. 
Wednesday, Sep 15 - Monday, Oct 4 (Traveling across Virginia):
      We hit the road and spent the night in Huntsville, AL.  The next night we were in the Great Smokey Mtns. NP where we spent the weekend in Elkmont campground.  The auto parking brake light had come on before we got there and we had a time getting the M/H into a parking space.  We got AAA to come out and unhook the brake and called the Chevy dealer in Ashville, NC.  He said to bring it there on Monday and they got the problem fixed in time for us to make the Grandfather Mountain campground on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We spent a night at Philpot Lake COE and then went to Ft. Pickett, VA, where we stayed in the military campground for 4 nights, over the weekend.  Saturday, we drove the Honda to visit Danny, Paula, Lauren and Sarah Roland at Ft. Lee where they were stationed.  Joe bought his first laptop computer at the PX, while there.  It was a Compaq which proved to be a large mistake, but that's another story.  Sunday, we went to Richmond to visit our friend Neal Craig, who went to Alaska with us in 1995, then continued to Ft. A.P. Hill, north of Richmond.  We stayed there for 10 days while Sue worked on stained glass to get ready for the craft show. 
Oct 5 we moved to Loft Mtn. campground in Shenandoah NP to meet the Caldwells.
Joe and Nancy Sue, On the Road - Virginia