On the Road in 2000 with Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves
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Jan 2 to March 19, 2000 trip to New Mexico, Arizona and Texas:
On the Road #  1 - Home, across LA and Texas to Mimbres, NM and on to Ft Huachuca/Sierra Vista, AZ.
On the Road #  2 - Ft Huachuca, Sierra Vista, Tombstone, Nogales and Cowboy Music and Poetry.
On the Road #  3 - Tucson, AZ, Pima Space Museum, Saguaro & Organ Pipe Cactus National Parks.
On the Road #  4 - Wilcox, Chiracahua NM & Cochise Stronghold, AZ, Guadelupe & Big Bend NP, TX.
On the Road #  5 - San Antonio & Houston, TX, Hammond, LA, Florence, MS and HOME.
July 10 to Sep 26, 2000 trip to Wyoming and South Dakota:
On the Road #  6 - Across Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas to Scotts Bluff, Nebraska and Thermopolis, WY.
On the Road #  7 - Thermopolis, Wyoming, Hot Springs, Indian Ceremony, Exploring the desert. 
On the Road #  8 - Thermopolis, Wyoming to Grand Teton National Park.
On the Road #  9 - Grand Teton NP to Yellowstone NP to Shoshone NF to Devil's Tower Nat. Mon.
On the Road #10 - Devil's Tower to Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Wind Cave NP.
On the Road #11 - Badlands, SD and Visiting the Lynns in Wisconsin and Minnesota.
On the Road #12 - Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Missouri.
On the Road #13 - Ft. Leavenworth, Arkansas, Mississippi, Warfield Point Park, Florence, MS, HOME.
On the Road #14 - Home for the Holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
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