From: Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves "On the Road"
Sunday, Jan 14:
     We've been here in Florence, MS since last Tuesday, visiting with Nita & Bob, Nathan & Jenna.  We'll leave tomorrow AM, heading West.   We are on the way to Arizona for the rest of the winter, then plan to follow the frost north to Alaska.  We plan to be home around the end of October.
Mon/Tue, Jan 15/16:
     We traveled 450 miles
Monday from Florence, MS to Bruce's in Houston, TX.  It rained on us early but quit by the time we got into Louisiana.  It was too long a trip, but mostly interstate and with stops for gas and food, we got in here by 6 PM.  It started raining Monday night and rained all day.  On Tuesday we visited with Bruce & Judy, then left for San Antonio Wednesday morning.
Wed, Jan 17:
     We left Houston about 8 AM and made San Antonio by 1 PM.  We are staying at Brooks AFB and visited with Jim & Trudy Ratliff this afternoon.
Thur, Jan 18:
     We left San Antonio at 9 AM.  Shortly before Junction, TX the "Check Engine Soon" light came on, so we stopped in Junction to get it checked out.  There were some very nice folks at the Cheverolet place.  They worked on it and we went to Dairy Queen for lunch.  They replaced the EGR valve and had us on the road again in an hour and a half.  The labor was only $27 but, unfortunately, the "Genuine GM" part was $200 plus tax.  Shortly after we were back on the road it started to snow, big time, and continued, off and on, for the rest of the trip to Ft. Stockton, where we are staying the night.  The temp never got out of the mid 30s all day, but very little snow stayed on the ground.  We had planned to go north from here to Albuquerque, NM, where we have tickets to an ice show on Tuesday.  Considering the weather, we decided to go on to El Paso, TX tomorrow.  We'll drive the Honda to Albuquerque for the show on Tues, stay in a motel, and come back for the motorhome on Wed.  We'll save enough gas to pay for the motel and won't be taking the chance of getting the motorhome snowed in at Albuquerque.  At least, that is the plan now.
Joe & Nancy Sue "On the Road", Ft. Stocton, TX. 
  On the Road e-mail #1 (January 14-18, 2001), Home to Ft Stockton, TX
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