On the Road e-mail #3 (February 5-16) Southern Arizona

Mon-Wed, Feb 5-7 - Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves "On the Road" :
Monday and Tuesday were nice warm days.  We sat outside and read both days and watched TV at night.  Wednesday - Last night the wind started blowing, 30-40 MPH, and was shaking the M/H all night and most of today.  Not bad cold, but not fit to sit outside, so we stayed inside and read until TV time.  A front came through during the day and it is to turn colder tonight and tomorrow.
Thur/Fri, Feb 8/9:     See Pictures..
     It started snowing Thursday morning, at first pea size snow pellets, then later big, fluffy flakes.  For a couple of hours it was blizzard conditions with visibility a few hundred yards.  It snowed most of the day but the ground was warm so most didn't stick.  By nightfall we had 1-2" on the ground. 
Friday morning was fair and 19.  It was chilly all day.  The sun melted the snow but not in the shade.
Sat, Feb 10 - Fri, Feb 16:    
Saturday and Sunday were two nice days.  Temp in low 30s in AM, but high in the 60's.  We could have sat outside, but Saturday Sue got a cold, took Actifed and slept most of the day.  She was better Sunday, but Joe had a plugged, runny nose and was coughing and sneezing.  The forecast is for rain Wednesday in Tuscon.  Since we're at 5000', we could have more snow.  The past year has been strange for weather, everywhere.  Last year, we didn't see freezing weather for our 2 months in AZ, and only a few light sprinkles of rain.  It's certainly different this year.  Monday, Joe was feeling really bad with plugged nose and sinuses and the old headachy feeling.  He sat around all morning playing with the computer then went to bed so didn't get to send e-mail.  Sue is about well as she washed the M/H this AM.  The weather is really nice, bright, sunny, and temp in 60s.  Hope it stays for awhile but the Weather man says NO.  Hope he's wrong!!  Tuesday, Joe stayed in bed sick most of the day and didn't feel like going to send e-mail.  He seems a little better this afternoon, so maybe tomorrow.  Sue stayed in and read as it was cloudy and the wind had picked up again.  They say it is turning colder and might snow.  Whatever happened to our nice, warm Arizona sunshine???  Wednesday, Happy Valentine's Day!  Joe was better and we went to the main campground to do laundry and send e-mail.  It's still nice here so we're hoping the bad weather has passed us to the north.  Thursday and Friday were sunny both days, but a bit chilly to sit outside.  Joe went to the office and picked up mail.  We stayed inside and read, both days.

Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves "On the Road" Ft Huachuca, Sierra Vista, AZ
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