On the Road e-mail #4 (February 19-22) Organ Pipe Cactus NP

Mon-Wed, Feb 19-21 Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves "On the Road":
Monday, we left Ft. Huachuca at 9AM and arrived at Organ Pipe Cactus Nat. Mon. about 2PM.  The country here is rolling desert hills, with mountains all around.  There is some of most every kind of cactus here; Giant Suguaro, some over 30' tall; Organ Pipes, which are in large clumps 4'-8' tall, Prickly Pear, Cholla, Senita and several others I do not know by name.  Also Ocatillo, which looks like cactus but isn't, Palo Verde trees and an Elephant tree.  See Pictures.  The weather has been clear sunny and warm, with temps in the 40s at night and 60s-70s by day.  We put out the awning when we got here and Tuesday we just sat outside and read and enjoyed the warm sunshine and beautiful weather.  There are no hookups here, but we dumped and filled up with fresh water before leaving Ft. Huachuca, so we should be good for the week.  They restrict generator hours to 12-4PM only, but we run it a couple of hours during that time to charge the batteries, then can watch TV awhile at night running off the inverter.  We had paid for 3 nights but, Wednesday, Joe walked the 1/4 mile up to the gate and paid for 4 more, so we'll stay until Monday.  Sue went out for a walk this morning and decided to walk a 2.3 mile trail up to an old gold mine.  She got back a little after 1 a bit tired, having walked almost 5 miles round trip.  The almost 1/2 mile round trip to the gate this morning is about my limit at one time.  We'll do some exploring in the Honda later in the week.
Thur, Feb 22:
     We drove around a 30 mile gravel loop road through the park, today.  We passed mountains of lava rock from ancient volcanoes and saw miles and miles of all kinds of cactus and other desert plants and lots of birds.  We stopped at an old gold mine and planned to do a little prospecting with the metal detector but it's batteries were dead.  We stopped by an old windmill, water tank and corrals and drove for several miles along the Mexican border.  There were houses, gas stations, a big truck stop and lots of trucks and busses passing on the Mexican highway just across the fence.  We finished the circle and got back to camp about 5 PM.  By then, the wind had picked up and some dark clouds started rolling over the mountains to the west.  The wind was too cold to sit outside and we got a few sprinkles of rain, so we rolled up the awning, put up the chairs and moved inside.
See More Pictures.

Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, Organ Pipe Cactus National Park

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