On the Road e-mail #5 (March 1-5) Gila Bend, AZ

Thur, Mar 1 - Sun Mar 4,  Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves "On the Road":
Thursday was a nice, warm, sunny day.  We sat outside and read until time for a late lunch, then went to town, 4 miles away, to Burger King.  First time we ate out since Ft. Huachuca, and that old burger really tasted good.  We saw several hummingbirds this afternoon.  Just before dark, about 6:45, a coyote was across the road behind the M/H about 30 yards away, so we got Smokey, the cat, inside to keep her from becoming coyote bait.  Friday was totally uneventful except we got a package of mail from home (mostly bills).  We sat outside, talked to a few passing neighbors and read all day.  Saturday Joe worked on bills and Sue watched skating on TV.  It was sunny but too windy to sit outside comfortably until afternoon, when we sat outside for awhile and Joe did some work on the towbar for the car.  About 8:30PM, we heard coyotes howling all around  the camp- ground.  It sounded like at least a dozen.  A little later, I looked out the window and saw a big one under the light just across the road behind us.  Sunday, it was warm and sunny and we sat outside and read until time for a late lunch.  Sue went for a ride on her bike and Joe went over to the office to check and send e-mail and pay for another week.
Mon, Mar 5:
     Today was warm but with solid high clouds.  We went to McDonald's for breakfast and picked up a few things at the grocery store.  When we got back, the folks next door said they were leaving at 12:00 for the firing range so we decided to go along.  There were four couples in the group.  We went to Range 1, which is about 30 miles south.  We watched two F-16s make several runs with practice bombs.  On their first runs they were dropping from about 10,000 feet and hitting right on, or within a few yards of the target.  They kept moving down in altitude until they were coming in low level, popping up to maybe 2500' and dropping their bombs, then climbing out to several thousand feet to fly the pattern.  They ended with several strafing runs but were out ot ammo after the second pass.  The next flight was four
F-16s.  They made several passes each, with the practice bombs, but on the strafing runs only 1 of the 4 had ammo and he ran out on the second pass.  The last flight was two A-10s, like we saw our first time out, but they only had ammo for 2 strafing passes after their bombing runs.  We got back to camp about 4 PM.

Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, Gila Bend, AZ
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