On the Road e-mail #6 (March 15 - March 23) Tuscon, AZ to Alamogordo, NM

Thur/Fri, Mar 15/16  Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves "On the Road":

Thursday, Joe bought a digital video camera, from the PX, which makes digital still pictures in addition to VHS-C videos.  Pictures can be transferred to the laptop and attached to an e-mail, so now you may be bored by our pictures as well as our e-mail.  We left Davis-Monthan AFB and drove to Lordsburg, NM.  Along the way, there were acres of bright orange Mexican Poppies and some kind of yellow flowers.   The desert was really in bloom.   We stopped at the NM Welcome Center.  We planned to visit a couple of ghost towns nearby, but found out the Shakespeare ghost town is closed except for 1 weekend each month, and this wasn't it, so we spent the night at the Welcome Center.  Friday AM we drove back 15 miles to Stein's Ghost Town, an old town alongside the railroad track.  The railroad and some of the buildings date back to the 1800s.  We looked at the buildings and made some pictures.  A retired couple own the old town and live there, running a souvenir shop in the old store building.  We were back at the M/H about 11 AM and drove 70 miles to Rockhound State Park, near Deming, NM.  The campground is on the base of a small mountain range and, looking to the north and west, we could see for a hundred miles.  We walked up a trail (Joe stopped halfway).  Sue picked up a few rocks and we got back totally exhausted.  The trails constantly seem to get longer, as we get older.  We sat outside and saw a beautiful sunset.  
Sat, Mar 17:
     We got up this AM to find a couple of
prairie dogs sitting by their hole in front of the M/H and made a few pictures.  We drove 120 miles east to Holloman AFB near Alomogordo, NM and paid $275 to stay for a month.  The military campground book said it cost $12/day or $200/month, but the host said the new general raised the price to $14/day and $275/month.  Now the campground is only half full.  We met a couple of people who'd found a better deal downtown, but we had already paid for the month.  You'd think a general would have something better to do than set prices for the camp- ground and someone, smart enough to be a general, could figure out that a full campground at $12/night brings in more money than one half full at $14/night.  Sure hope we don't get attacked !!  We have full hookups, including cable TV, and a large covered picnic table.  It's not bad but where's the "benefit" for service men and retirees if it costs as much or more than downtown?

Joe & Nancy Sue  On the Road” Holloman AFB, Alomogordo, NM
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