On the Road e-mail #7 (March 24 - 28) Alamogordo, Cloudcroft, NM

Sat, Mar 24 - Sun, Mar 25  Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves "On the Road":

     Saturday, we slept late (not unusual), went by the Post Office for stamps, then to the library to send replies to some e-mails received yesterday.  From there we went downtown to Western Sizzlin' buffet to celebrate Sue's birthday, came out stuffed, and went by the Wal-Mart for groceries.  The wind was up and the temp in 60s so it was too chilly to sit out. 
Sunday, We slept until 9, then Joe went to McDonald's and brought back breakfast and a Sunday paper.  Joe did a couple of fix-it jobs on the M/H.
Mon, Mar 26:
     Today we drove up the mountain to the little town of Cloudcroft, NM.  At 8950 ft, it is 18 miles east and almost a mile up from Alamogordo.  As we climbed we saw more and more snow alongside the highway.  We ate chicken fried steak at the Western Bar and Resturant, then drove another 18 miles south to the
National Solar Observatory at the village of Sunspot, which exists only because the observatory is there.  Along the way we saw 3 elk and a big herd of mule deer alongside the road and a lot of snow on the roadside.  We forgot to take our jackets but the temp was not very cold so we made it OK.  We toured the observatory area and stopped at a viewpoint where we could see Alamogordo, Holloman AFB, and beyond that White Sands Nat. Monument.  The sky was overcast on the mountains and it was a bit hazy but we could make out the Organ Mt. range over 80 miles away.  We got back to camp about 4 and sat outside until sundown when it got a bit chilly. 
Tue, Mar 27 - Wed, Mar 28:
Tuesday, we went to the library, where Sue returned some books and checked out some more and Joe checked and answered a few e-mails, post office to mail some letters and the PX for lunch.  Then we sat out, read and watched the birds until time for JAG on TV.  Wednesday, Joe went to the pharmacy and got prescriptions filled.  We had lunch at the M/H and Sue cut her hand on a can lid.  It was a pretty bad cut so after lunch we went to a medical clinic downtown and got a couple of staples put in her knuckle.  We were close to the Air & Space Museum so we went there.  It was a little late for the museum tour, so we decided to catch it later, but they had 2 IMAX movies, "Solar Flares" and "Wolves" so we went to both.  We really like IMAX movies.  We ate at Burger King and were back at the M/H by 6PM.
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