On the Road e-mail #8 (April 2 - April 5)
Alamogordo and Trinity Site, NM

Monday, April 2 - Thursday, April 5
- Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves "On the Road":
Monday, Sue spent most of the day cleaning house and Joe went to the PX and Commissary for a few supplies, and to the Post Office.  He'd called Gerald Woolard, an old Navy buddy in Pensacola, last week about getting him some "Fly Navy" caps and some Naval Aviation bumper stickers and they came today.  Now he can show his colors on the Air Force bases where we stay.  If he can just refrain from using the term "Air Farce", maybe he won't get into too much trouble with the Air Force guys!
     Tuesday, It's warm again and hit 85 or warmer the last 3 days.  It's time to start heading north for the summer, but we're paid here until the 17th and this Saturday is the Trinity site tour.  Sue went to the Dr. today to get the staples out of her finger and on the way the A/C on the Honda quit working.  Joe has a 9AM appointment to get it worked on tomorrow.  We stopped at the chamber of Commerce to get up to date on the Trinity site tour.  We join a convoy north of Alamogordo to lead us to the site.  There is no charge for the tour.  It leaves at 1PM to return but they said we could stay longer if we wanted and go out the Stallion AAF gate on the north side of the range.  I think we'll do that and stop at the petroglyph site on the way back.  Joe went to mail letters and to the library to send e-mail.
     Wednesday, Joe took the car to JR's Auto Service in Alamogordo to get the A/C worked on.  It was just a broken belt.  On the Honda, you can't even SEE the belts without crawling up under it and taking off some covers.  The guy replaced the belt and put in a can of Freon for $38, was friendly, helpful and seemed to know what he was doing.  A Honda dealer wouldn't have said "good morning" for less than a hundred bucks!  A trip to the PO and library, rounded out the day. 
     Thursday - Last night, Smokey, the cat was out on her long leash while we watched TV.  Sue went to let her in and she was wrapped around something so she unsnapped her leash to unwrap it then looked back and Smokey had disappeared.  We called and looked, but couldn't find her.  She started meowing outside at 4 AM to be let in.  Guess she had a fun night out.  Sue did a load of clothes, then sat out and read while Joe did a little more work on the M/H.  They are predicting high winds and possible showers for late tonight and tomorrow so we rolled up the awning and put up the chairs. 

Joe & Nancy Sue  On the Road” Holloman AFB, Alomogordo, NM
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