On the Road e-mail #10 (Page 1 of  6) (April 30 - May 5) Albuquerque, NM 

Monday, April 30 -Saturday, May 5: Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves "On the Road":
We are still camped in the street next to AAMCO transmissions.  We went for lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Taco Sal's, which the AAMCO owner recommended, not too far away.  The food was quite good and for $15, including tip, we ate our fill and brought home enough for another meal.  We need to remember Taco Sal's.  When we got back they were unloading a crate off the Chevy dealer's pickup.  It was our transmission.  Hope they can put it in tomorrow.  We're ready !!!!!!
Tuesday -
They didn't get to us today.  This afternoon Jim and Karen Church stopped by for awhile.  Then Celia Roy stopped by and we went out to eat.   Hope we get the transmission in tomorrow.
Wednesday -
They got started at 10:30AM and finished at 5:30 and we moved back to the campground at Kirtland AFB.  The new transmission has a warranty from GM for 3 years or 50,000 miles so we shouldn't have to worry about transmission for awhile.  We'll stay here until Sunday.
Joe went over to the office this AM to check us in and send e-mail.  We went out for lunch, then stopped at Wal-Mart and the commissary on the way back.  The wind has blown pretty hard for 2 days and the weather is getting a little cooler with highs in the 70s for the next day or two.
the wind slowed to a breeze, the temp was 66 and partly cloudy at noon today.  Very nice.  Karen Church came over and took our picture in front of the M/H.  She is using the picture to make us calling cards on her computer.  We planned to take Bar-B-Q, salad and cake to the Church's and eat with them at their picnic table, since we didn't have one.  Then the clouds moved in, the front passed and the wind picked up.  It got too chilly to eat out, so we ate with them inside their M/H.
Saturday, Joe got gas for the Honda, today, at $1.549 up .32 in the last month.  I guess the greedy oil barons knew we're ready to move again.  We'll have to fill the M/H on the way out tomorrow.  We are aware that "On the Road" has been rather boring lately, but take heart.  We are about to be really "On the Road" again.  Tomorrow we leave for Canyon DeChelly Nat. Mon., Glen Canyon, Grand Escalante Nat. Mon., North Rim of the Grand Canyon, then into Utah to Zion NP, Cedar Breaks Nat. Mon., Bryce Canyon NP, Capitol Reef NP and the Great Salt Lake area.  We'll report on them all and send pictures. 

Joe & Nancy Sue, “On the Road”, Albuquerque, NM

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