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Camp Rilea, OR to Mt. St. Helens NP to Mt. Rainier NP

Tues, June 5 - Thurs, June 7 - Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves "On the Road" (Camp Rilea, OR):
     Tuesday, Joe went into town to get some welding done on the Honda's tow hitch and picked up a few things at the grocery.  He called for an appointment at an RV place in Longview, WA, 60 miles away, for Thursday AM, to get a few things worked on.  We're just waiting for the mail.  Wednesday, we called and the mail was sent Monday but it didn't get on the truck, so 2-day air just became 3-day.  Thursday, Sue left at 8:30 for the RV Center in Longview to get the work done, while Joe waited for the UPS truck and got the mail at 10:30, then followed.  We got some of the work done today but have more to do, so we're camped on the RV lot.   We plan to drive up to Mt. St. Helens tomorrow (about 60 miles).
Friday, June 8, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Ranier NP, WA:
We drove up to Mt. St. Helens while the RV shop worked on the M/H.  It was a cloudy day, so we couldn't see the top of the mountain, but we made pictures of what we could see.  We saw a very impressive, big screen movie of the 1980 eruptions at a theater on the way in and another, made for the Park Service at the visitor center. The explosion when it blew was greater than an atomic bomb and the mountain blew out sideways, rather than straight up.  It blew off 1200' of the top of the mountain and a big hole in the side of it.  A river and lake in the valley below were burried 600' deep in ruble and ash, and trees up to 8' thick were blown down for miles by the blast, all facing away from the mountain.  The eruptions continued, off and on, for 2-3 years and ash fell on I-5 and on towns for many miles around, at times, reducing the visibilty to zero and making midday look like night. Big, beautiful Spirit lake, located at the base of Mt. St. Helens before the eruption, was surounded by a beautiful forest full of wildlife and huge trees, and was filled with fish.  After the eruption the forest and wildlife were GONE and the lake was under 600' of ruble, ash and cinders. There was, and still is, total devastation out to the surrounding mountains and trees were flattened for miles.  (See pictures of Mt St Helen).  We got back to the RV place about 5PM, hooked up the car and drove about 95 miles to Mt. Ranier NP. We got there about 7:30 and got in a campsite. It is a nice peaceful place, with big Hemlock and Fir trees. The new growth on some of them is a light yellow green and they look as if they are blooming. There is a creek running right behind us and the picnic tables are made from big logs sliced in half. See Campsite Photos.

Joe & Nancy Sue "On the Road", Mt Rainer NP, WA
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