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Wednesday, June 20, Joe & Nancy Sue "On the Road" (North Cascades National Park, WA):
Today we drove 75 miles east to North Cascades National Park.  Actually, to be correct, we went to Ross Lake National Recreation Area, which extends about 5 miles on both sides of SR20 through the park.  It is not possible to visit the Park by car or RV because the park is designated a "wilderness" area and roads are not permitted.  The park can only be visited by bears, elk, deer, raccoons, chipmunks and other wild critters (who live there), and by young, able bodied humans, capable of hiking many miles.  Don't get me wrong !!  I love and strongly support our National Parks and the preservation of natural areas BUT what value is there to setting aside millions of acres, when it is impossible for ordinary people to get to them to see and enjoy them.  This points up the utter and absolute stupidity of one group of our political activists and the politicians who cater to them.
     Enough on politics and other forms of stupidity.  The first thing we did on arrival at the visitor center was go to the restrooms.  Joe hung his digital camcorder on the coat rack and his coat on top of it.  When he took down the coat the camera came off, fell 4' to the concrete floor and is DEAD.  We saw several pretty waterfalls, rivers and streams along the road, and some beautiful snow capped mountains over in the park.  The only pictures are in Sue's camera, on film which must be developed and scanned into the computer before they can be used in e-mail.  He is going to the Navy Exchange, tomorrow, to see about a new one.  Hope the new one lasts longer than this one did - - !!

Thursday, June 21 (Whidbey Island):
Joe went to the Post Office, mailed his broken camcorder to Panasonic,  went to Walmart to pick up a few things, then to the Navy Exchange and bought a new digital camcorder as the old one will be at least a month in repair, if it can even be fixed.  The weather turned cloudy today and fog rolled in off the water.  We were glad to hear, this afternoon, that we won't have to move tomorrow.
Friday, June 22 (Deception Pass and Anacortes, WA):
Today we drove 20 miles north to Deception Pass, which separates Whidbey Island from the mainland.  The pass is so narrow, the tide really moves through it.   We continued to Anacortes, a small town to the north.  There we drove up to a viewpoint to the east of town, a loop road through City Park, and to the top of Mt. Erie.  We could've seen for miles, but the visibility was low so our view was limitedOn the way home, we stopped at a fruit stand and got a flat of strawberries.

Joe & Nancy Sue "On the Road", US Naval Station, Whidbey Island, WA
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