From: Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves "On the Road"
Saturday, July 7 (Blue Spruce RV Park, Ft. Richardson, Anchorage, AK):
  It is still raining! Not hard but drizzly. Sue got up at 5AM to watch tennis. Joe is going back to the Library to check e-mail and to the Post Office to mail some letters. We are going to stay here long enough to get mail sent by UPS. They say UPS delivers to the RV sites here in the campground so that beats having to keep checking at the Post Office. We plan to make a few day trips from here in the Honda before we move.  It quit raining this afternoon and the sun came out for awhile.  It was really nice.  Joe went downtown to the Visitor Center to try to find a good road map of Alaska, but without a lot of success.  He got some phone numbers out of the phone book to call on Monday.  He also went by the PX and bought a new printer as the old one was causing problems.  It is a Canon S450 and the whole color cartridge doesn't have to be replaced when one color runs out.  It has separate tanks for each color which should be less expensive to operate.  On the way back, he passed a grassy meadow next to some woods and there was a mama moose with a baby.  As luck would have it, he didn't have the camera.  He got back to the M/H picked up Sue and the camera, but when they got back to the spot (less than 1/4 mile away) they were gone.  Guess he'll take the camera from now on.  Not much for pictures this time. Just a squirrel and a bird. 
Sunday, July 8 (Still here):
  It is drizzling rain, again!  Sue got up at 5AM, again, to watch tennis.  Live at Wimbleton at 2PM is 5AM here.  She went back to bed when the matches were over, slept until noon, then washed clothes most of the afternoon.  Joe was cleaning up around his recliner about 9AM, with the outside door open and the screen closed, when he heard something on the screen.  He looked up to see a squirrel climbing the screen door.  He threw out a handful of nuts and two squirrels had a fight over them right outside the door.  A couple of gray jays came down to share the nuts and both squirrels chased them.  Smokey is still having great fun watching and sometimes chasing them.  Joe got a few more squirrel pictures.  The guy across the road came by to say he went to the dumpster (about 50 yards away) this morning and came face to face with a lynx, so guess we'll have to be watchful when Smokey is out on her leash so she doesn't become lunch for a lot bigger cat.   See pictures of  Wildlife.       
Joe & Nancy Sue "On the Road", Seward, AK  
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