On the Road #17 Page 1 (Aug 30 to Sep 3) Top of the World Highway to Dawson City. 
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Thursday, Aug 30 Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves "On the Road" (
Top of the World Highway):
We left Walker Fork BLM CG and drove alonside Jack Wade creek, where miners made their fortune and many more left broke.  We passed the abandoned Jack Wade dredge.    The fall colors are close to full We crossed the Canadian Border and drove over the "Top of the World" Highway and stopped to read a sign about the highway.  We drove it 6 years ago, when here, but all we saw was the inside of clouds.  Today was cloudy but with good visibility, so we were able to see, and at times, could see the road 10-15 miles awayThe road is well named!   It travels the mountain ridges and, at times, we'd top out on a summit and could see for a hundred miles in all directions.   At times we were near or above the tree line (only 3500-4000 feet this far North) and the tundra was in full fall color, with many shades of yellow, orange and redWe rode the free ferry, across the Yukon River to Dawson City.  We will be here in Bonanza Gold RV Park for a week. We have full hookups, including Cable TV (so Sue can watch US Open Tennis) and a phone hookup at the site (so Joe can do e-mail from his recliner in the M/H). We can make credit card calls out but can't get calls in. There is no cell phone signal here. The price is $26.50/night but that's Canadian money. We get the 7th night free for staying a week so converted to US dollars it comes to about $14/night, which isn't badly over budget.
Fri-Mon, Aug 31-Sept 3 (Bonanza Gold RV Park, Dawson City, YT):
we stayed at the RV park all day.  Sue watched US Open Tennis all morning and we read the rest of the day.  We're just resting and taking it easy.  Saturday, was a "do nothing" day.  We are really getting lazy.  We slept late, did e-mail, and read.   Sunday, it has rained since yesterday and most of today and there is water everywhere.  The sun finally peeped out at 4PM.  Sue watched tennis, Joe made a pot of soup, we read and watched it rain.  Monday, we are here for another week, so Sue can watch the rest of the tennis tournament on TV.  Joe went to the grocery store here today but didn't get much.  He bought some fruit (plums and peaches) pretty reasonably priced.  It must be grown nearby, but a can of chili was $3.25 canadian ($2.20 US) so decided we'd eat out of the cabinet while here. We'll try to get out some between games next week and see the sights.  The campground is almost empty and the owners said we could stay an extra 4 days for the price of three.  It is still rainy.

  Joe & Nancy Sue "On the Road", (Dawson City, Yukon Territory)                       
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