Wednesday, Sept 12, Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves "On the Road" (Watson Lake, YT):
Well, we did make a change of plans this mrning.  After watching the events on TV, we couldn't work up a lot of enthusiasm for the 350 mile loop through Haines and Skagway, so just headed SE on the Alaska Highway, 275 miles to Watson Lake. It was cloudy and rainy most of the way and we covered this stretch of highway on the way up, so we didn't make any pictures. When we passed the Whitehorse Airport we saw the 2 KAL 747s parked there. They looked a bit out of place at the little Whitehorse Airport. We didn't hear whether anything that big had ever landed there before. There is no telling when they'll get out to continue their trip as all US airports, including Alaska, are still closed.  Maybe they'll put them on tour busses for the rest of the trip to Alaska. Who'd have thought we'd ever see planes going to a US airport intercepted by fighters and forced down in another country. The world is changing. We don't have TV so won't get news tonight, but they have a modem hookup in the office so we can check e-mail and send this. See todays Alaska Hwy pictures.
Thursday, Sept 13 (Fort Nelson, BC):
We traveled from Watson Lake, YT to Ft. Nelson, BC, a distance of 333 miles.   As we traveled southeast on the Alaska Highway the fall colors went from peak to only about 50%.  I guess we're out running the color change. We passed a lot of beautiful scenery along the way and saw several Stone Sheep, and a Mama Caribou with a baby alongside the highway.  See today's Pictures.
Friday, Sept 14 (Dawson Creek, BC):
We drove 285 miles to Dawson Creek, BC. The weather was nice and we had a high of 75. It was a pretty drive with beautiful scenery and fall colors. We almost ran over a baby elk who ran across the road ahead of us, then changed it's mind and ran back across.   We also saw a mule deer doe alongside the road.   We have TV and are watching the stories of people in New York.   I hope we can catch the perpetrators and watch them die on TV, soon. The Canadians fly the US flag at the same level as their own and yesterday we saw the US flag, the Canadian flag and the British Columbia flag all flying at half staff.  We'll leave tomorrow for Jasper, BC and the Jasper and Banff Canadian National Parks.  While in Dawson Creek, BC, we visited the Kiskatinaw bridge on the old Alaska Hwy. It is a curved wooden bridge, built in 1941 by the US Army and still in use today. It must have been quite an engineering feat for its day. Dawson Creek was the official starting point of the Alaska Hwy.
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Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road (AK Highway).
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