On the Road #1 March 7-10, 2002
Home to Chipley and Tampa, FL

Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves, On the Road 2002, Florida trip
Thursday, March 7:
We had to finish loading, get an inspection sticker for the motor home, and fuel up before leaving Carthage about 10AM.  We made good time to Pensacola so kept going to Chipley, FL, where we are staying at Falling Waters State Park.  We got here about 5:30.
Friday, March 8:
Joe called his brother,                 who lives here, and spent most of the day with him.  He went out to the waterfall and made pictures.  Falling Waters State Park claims the highest waterfall in all of FL.  You didn't know FL has waterfalls?  It comes out of a creek and falls into a 100 foot sink hole.  No way to see the whole fall except by piecing pictures together in a panarama so you can scrool up and down the falls.  Charles is a retired forester but his wife Inell still works so we went over to visit for awhile tonight after she got home.  We go to Tampa tomorrow.
Saturday, March 9:
We got off about 9AM and drove ALL DAY to get to Tampa. We'd have taken an extra day to get here, but we wanted a day to visit our old friends, the Lynns, and still make Titusville on Monday.  We heard on the news the shuttle is returning on Tuesday and want to be there.  We're staying here at MacDill AFB and will visit Bob and Anne Lynn tomorrow. 
Sunday, March 10:
We went by Popeye's for a bucket of chicken and to
for lunch, then spent the afternoon with them.  It's always great to get together with old friends and remember "when".  I can't believe we've all gotten so old and decrepit, but at least we can still remember.  It's good to be "On the Road, again".  I'm sending this from the Lynn's.

Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, Tampa, FL