On the Road #2 March 11-12, 2002
Titusville, FL


From: Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves, On the Road.
Monday, March 11 (Titusville, FL):

We got back from the Lynn's after dark, last night, watched TV, and got to bed late.  TV is an hour later here than at home.  We slept in this AM and got on the road after 11AM, but only had a 3+ hour drive, so got here to Manatee Hammock Campground by 3PM and ate lunch then.  We checked on the shuttle landing and were told it'll land at 4:30AM.  We drove up to the North gate of the Space Center to see if we'd be able to go there to watch the landing.  The answer was "NO" and the guard told us we couldn't see anything even if we could.  He said the
shuttle will drop out of the sky like a rock with no lights on and could not be seen at all at night unless we were at the landing strip (which, of course, is not allowed).  He said we'd hear two sonic booms as it slows below the speed of sound, but that's all.  We decided to set a clock for 4AM so we can wake up and listen for the boom and watch it land on TV.  Not much point in going out on the beach if we can't see it anyway.  Maybe we can see one come in during the day, sometime.  We stopped by the bay, on the way back, and watched some pelicans fishing.  They'd circle about 20 feet off the water until they'd spot a fish, then fold their wings back and dive into the water.  They'd come to the surface with the fish and proceed to swallow it, whole and alive.  We stopped at Walmart for groceries and got back after dark.
Tuesday, March 12 (Manatee Hammock Park, Titusville, FL):
The shuttle came in on schedule.  The twin booms vibrated the M/H
and we watched it land on TV, then we went back to sleep until nearly
10AM.  We'll loaf around the park today and go out to the Space
Center tomorrow for awhile.  Guess we'll stay another night here
(though it's $22/night) because it's close to the space center, then
we may move down to Patrick AFB for a couple of nights.  Not much
more for pictures this time.  Just a squirrel >>
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Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road in Florida