On the Road #3 March 13, 2002
Kennedy Space Center

From: Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves, On the Road.
Wednesday, March 13 (Kennedy Space Center):

We didn't get to the Space Center until after noon.  They must be learning to price their tickets from Disney.  It cost $55 for the 2 of us to get in the gate but that includes everything but lunch.  We went to one IMAX movie, then had a 30 minute wait for the next one so stopped for a bite to eat.  Two BBQ sandwiches with slaw, beans, and a single bottle of water to divide $18.  We made the second IMAX movie, then found at 3:30 we were too late to go on the bus tour.  We had been before, but for the price figured we'd do it again, but missed out.  If you're going, go in the morning and do the bus tour first.  The IMAX movies are great, but are the same ones we saw 4 years ago.  The big flock of birds at the outdoor lunch pavilion are real PESTS but fun.  There were Crows, Cow Birds and Sea Gulls.  A crow stole the top off one of our sandwiches before Sue took 2 steps toward the table, but the concessionair replaced it.  Then we guarded our plates more carefully until we finished eating.  In the end, we made peace with the varmints and fed them a few crumbs.   We drove through the wildlife preserve and saw lots of birds and a couple of alligators.

Joe & Nancy Sue, Kennedy Space Center
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