On the Road E-mail #4 - March 14-18 - Patrick AFB and
"The Savannahs" St. Lucie Co. park, Ft. Pierce, FL

From: Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves, On the Road, Patrick AFB, FL.
Thursday, March 14:

     We left Manatee Hammock (Broward County) Campground this AM and drove about 25 miles to Patrick AFB.  There is nothing CHEAP about Florida.  The county park was $22/night, commercial campgrounds a lot higher.  Here at the AFB it's $11/night and we're right on the bay.  We can live with that.  We'll stay here through Sunday, then move down near Pt. St. Lucie to visit a friend. 
Friday, March 15:
     We are staying close, reading and resting.  It's HOT here so we're staying inside mostly with the A/C.  We did go up to the pavilion at 2PM for a FREE ice cream get together.  Most of the folks here seem to have spent the winter here and are starting to move out to go back north. 
Saturday, March 16:
     Another day in sunny (hot) Florida.  We are mostly staying inside.  Joe wrote e-mail and we both read.  We just read James Michner's "Space".  It's a novel, but tells the story well of this country's time in space and how, after the moon landings, the program was moved down in priority and replaced with "social" issues.  For our opinion on this
click here.
Sunday, March 17:
     Our last day at Patrick AFB, just loafing and reading.  Joe is going to the Commissary and Bx to pick up a Sunday paper and a few groceries.  Tomorrow we head for Port Saint Lucie.
Monday, March 18:
     From Patrick AFB we drove about 70 miles to "The Savannahs" a St. Lucie County park.  Like everything in FL it's overpriced.  $20/night for water and electricity.  Of course, the big commercial RV park nearby is in the book as $39-$49/night. It is inconcievable to us that anyone would stay there but the place is full most of the time.  We called our friend Polly Roy and left a message on
her machine, got set up and went to Burger King for lunch,  Polly called back about mid-
afternoon and we went there for awhile.  I am sending e-mail from Polly's house.  We'll
be here until Thursday, then head for home.  Hope you had a good St. Pat's Day.

Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, The Savannahs county park, Ft. Pierce, FL.