On the Road E-mail #5 - March 19-22 Ft. Pierce
to Chiefland to Tyndall AFB to
Pensacola, Florida
From: Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves, On the Road
Tuesday, March 19 ("The Savannahs" Co. Park, Ft. Pierce):

       Smokey, the cat likes this campground because this AM there were a dozen birds and a squirrel in front of the M/H and she had a good time watching them.  We went out for lunch today, then to Polly Roy's for the afternoon.  We got an email from Anne and Bob Lynn (we visited in Tampa), that Bob has some medical problems. 
See email.
Wednesday, March 20:
       Today we ate at CiCi's Pizza and we're back at
Polly's.  Later, her daughter Cheryl, and  son-in-law
Ray and children came over for awhile.  Really nice
folks!  We left about 6PM.
  Late news:  Just talked
to Anne - - Bob came through Surgery OK.  They put a
stint in one artery and he may come home this PM. 
Thursday, March 21(Breezy Acres RV
Park, 7 mi east of Chiefland, FL):

     We left Manatee Hamock about 9:30AM and were
on the road for 9 hours to make 300 miles.  We came
across from Pt. St. Lucie on mostly 2 lane roads. 
Unfortunately, most seemed to be under construction
and the going was slow.  Joe called the Lynn's about
noon and talked to Bob.  He says he's doing fine after
the stint was put in.  This park isn't bad and only cost
$12.85/night for full hookups.  They also have weekly
rates.  It beats the $25-$50/ night the private camp-
grounds on the east coast were charging.  We paid
$20 for water and electric at county parks over there.                             
Friday, March 22: (Tyndall AFB near Panama City)              
     We didn't stop for lunch so, after set up, we drove into                      
Polly and Chu
town for fried oysters.  This is a nice campground, large sites with trees and cable TV with just about everything we'd get on DSS.  We go to an RV place in Panama City tomorrow for an oil change and lube and then on to Pensacola. 
Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road                                  .