On the Road E-mail #6 (Page 1) - March 23-26,
Pensacola, FLorida to Biloxi, MS
From: Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves, On the Road,
Saturday, March 23, (Blue Angel Navy Rec. Area, Pensacola, Florida):

     We are camped here on old Barrin Field where Joe learned and later taught crosswind landings.  The old field is still here but grass is growing up through cracks in the asphalt.  We went to the Oyster Bar on Navy Blvd, where Joe's Pre-flight class held their graduation party in 1955 (some things never change).  Then we drove up to see where we lived in 1957-58 when Joe was an instructor here.  We passed by old Saufley Field where he instructed and it had grass growing up through the asphalt.  The little house we built is still there but an addition as big as the original house has been added.  An oak tree, Sue set out in the yard, is now about 40' tall and the open pasture, nearby, is covered in 40' pine trees (some things change dramatically).
Sunday, March 24 (Naval Aviation Museum):        HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nancy Sue!! 
     We caught up with our old friends, Ann & Gerald Woolard, today and met them for a mess of fried oysters and lots of "remember when".  We first met them in 1957, right after we were married and moved here.  They were married that spring.  It's hard to believe that was all 45 years ago.
Monday, March 25 (Biloxi, MS):
     We left this morning and drove to Biloxi, MS.  We stopped for an oil change and lube job, and got to Keesler AFB FamCamp at 2PM,  too late as they were full.  They said, though, we could park in the parking lot and dry camp for free.  Since the weather was fairly cool and the price was right, that's what we did.  We drove to a Waffle House and had 3PM breakfast, then sat outside, read and watched the squirrels until dark. 
Tuesday, March 26 (Biloxi, MS)
     We were awakened at 5:30AM by a tremendous downpour as a weather front hit us with heavy rain.  It kept raining for 4 hours so we stayed in bed.  We're 2nd in line to get in the park but, with the rain, nobody is leaving.  The weather cleared and we went down to the waterfront and ate fried oysters again this afternoon.  Nobody left so we'll dry camp another night and head for Florence tomorrow to visit Bob, Nita, Nathan and Jenna tthen home on Friday.

Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road