On the Road #7 Page 1 April 5-6, 2002,Tyler SP & El Paso,TX
Friday, April 5 (Tyler SP, Tyler, TX):
   We left this morning, with Harry and Donna Caldwell, for Las Vegas.  That is where he was in the Air Force and where he met Donna many years ago.  We made about 400 miles today and are in Tyler State Park, near Tyler, TX.  We got pull through spots so we didn't have to unhook the car.  The dogwoods and wisteria were in full bloom along the way and this park is full of dogwoods.  We sat outside until sunset, when it got too cold, then went inside.
Saturday, April 6 (WalMart parking lot, Big Springs, TX):
  We left Tyler SP this AM and traveled about 400 miles again, to Big Springs, TX.  It was cloudy when we left and rained on us almost all the way and is still drizzling at 9:30PM.  About 30 miles east of Dallas, we saw traffic backed up on the other side of I20 for miles, 2 news copters overhead and several emergency vehicles on that side.  We could see where something skidded off into the median, between two bridges and into a flooded river but couldn't see anything between the bridges where all the rescuers and news people were looking.  We don't know what was happening, but it certainly looked serious.  We were coming to Big Springs SP until Joe realized he'd looked at the brochure wrong, the place didn't have hookups and no pull through spots so we'd have to unhook the car.  We opted for Walmart instead.  No hookups here but we still have the car attached.  As luck would have it, there is a Furr's Cafeteria right on the other side of WalMart, so we walked over and ate, then picked up a few things from WalMart.  We are running the generator so Joe can write e-mail.  
Joe & Nancy Sue, Harry & Donna, On the Road, El Paso, TX
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