On the Road #8 April 7-9, 2002, El Paso, TX to Tucson, AZ
We are on our way to Las Vegas with Harry & Donna Caldwell.
Sunday, April 7 (Ft. Bliss RV Park, El Paso, TX):
    We drove 348 miles today to El Paso.  It is a L-o-o-o-ong way across Texas.  We are at Ft. Bliss Army RV Park and will just be here one night.  It rained most of the night but was starting to clear this morning and was mostly blue skies here but with 35-40 MPH winds.  We got into the park right after 3PM.  and will send this as soon as it is done.  About 20 miles East of El Paso an 18 wheeler had left our side, crossed the median and broadsided an east bound one.  The one hit was jacknifed over in the far ditch.  The one that crossed the median was totally demolished in the eastbound lane and on fire.  There were cases of liquid detergent, which he was hauling,  scattered all over the highway.  There were 2 firetrucks there and we met about 3 more and a couple of ambulances.  Traffic was backed up for miles with little hope of getting through any time soon.  We must be doing something right.  Two bad wrecks in 3 days and both on the other side of the interstate. 
Monday, April 8 (Davis Monthan AFB FamCamp, Tucson, AZ):
   We had an uneventful drive from El Paso to Tucson, AZ and arrived here about 3PM.  Security is a little more since 9/11.  We stopped at the visitor center outside the gate and got a visitor pass for Harry, then had to go to a different gate to enter the base so they could walk through the RV without holding up traffic.  They didn't search anything, just walked through. 
Tuesday, April 9 (Tucson, AZ):
  Today we visited the Pima Air Museum in the AM and drove the loop road through Saguaro National Park in the afternoon.  Most any type aircraft you'd like to see is probably in the Pima Air Museum.  It covers 64 acres.  We could have taken a bus tour through the aircraft boneyard on the AFB, where they have over 5000 aircraft, but decided to do that another time.  We could see a lot of them driving around the base.  We then drove the loop road through the park, where they have MANY different kinds of cactus including the giant Saguaro for which the park is named.  We are a little early so most of them weren't blooming.   Joe made a lot of pictures and we got back about 4PM.  We leave tomorrow.   Click to see pictures.
Joe, Nancy Sue, Harry & Donna, On the Road, Las Vegas, NV

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