On the Road #10 April 13-15, 2002, Las Vegas and
Valley of Fire State Park, NV and Death Valley NP, CA
From: Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves, Harry & Donna Caldwell
Saturday, April 13 (Valley of Fire State Park):
Today we rode, with the Caldwells, up to Valley of Fire SP near Las Vegas.  It is very large, for a state park, and has lots of very pretty scenery.  Most of it looks a lot like the red mountains we saw last year in Utah.  The scenery is unusual for this area which is mostly common gray mountains except in that area.  Many places the red rocks poke up through the otherwise gray or brown terrain.  We saw a large herd of sheep or goats up on a cliff not far inside the park.  We planned to ask a ranger which they were, but didn't get the chance.  We saw a couple of nice RV parks with lots of campers, but with no electric hookups for A/C it's already too hot for us.  We drove by, and got a glimpse of Lake Mead, then stopped in Boulder City so Harry & Donna could visit old friends, Jim & Minnie Ebarb, from the days they lived out here in the 60s.  We got back home about 6:30PM.   See Valley of Fire pictures.
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Sunday, April 14 (Las Vegas):
   Today we drove out to the Base Exchange at Nellis AFB, home of the AF Thunderbirds, then downtown along "The Strip" where all the big hotels and casinos are located, Harry found the building where he once worked for the phone company and the place where Donna finished high school (now a private school).  We got a burger for lunch and came home.
Monday, April 15 (Death Valley NP):
  The winds blew all last night and all day.  They had gusts today of 60-70 MPH and the visibility was low due to blowing dust.  The good side is the passing front gave us a high today in the 70s.  We drove about 150 miles one way to Death Valley National Park.  On the way we got into a full blown dust storm.  The visibility was so low, we didn't see much of the scenery, but saw enough mountains through the dust to know we were missing a lot of beauty.  The place is well named as it is a really uninviting desert, 190' below  sea level and in summer the temps can routinely get over 120.  We got back about 4:30 tired from the long drive.  See Death Valley pictures.

Joe & Nancy Sue, Harry & Donna, On the Road, Las Vegas area.