On the Road #12 April 18-22, 2002, Williams, AZ
and Kaibab Lake National Forest
From: Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves, Harry & Donna Caldwell
Thursday, April 18 Kaibab Lake Campground:
   Today we drove over Hoover Dam and down Hwy 93.  We took the scenic route on old 66, and stopped at Kaibab Lake campground near Williams, AZ.  It is a nice place but no hookups.  The book said they don't open until May 15th and all but one section was closed off.  The place is almost full, there are no rangers around, no provision for checking in and the water faucets don't work so I guess it's free until it officially opens.  It's a nice quiet place and the price is right so we'll stay a few days.  The wind is blowing at it is too cool to sit outside.
Friday, April 19 (Kaibab National Forest):
    Today we slept late and the wind is still blowing.  The temp this morning was 37 and high 62.  Donna made monkey bread and coffee so we went over for a late breakfast.  Then Harry and Joe went to Safeway for some groceries and steaks and we had grilled t-bone for dinner.
Saturday, April 20 (Still at Kaibab Lake):
  The temp this AM was 27, but the sun is shining.  High today was in the 50s and there is still a stiif breeze so it's too cold to sit out.  We had leftover t-bone and baked potato for lunch and stayed in and read most of the day.  There are some pretty birds here we looked up in the book as Stellar Jays and we've seen several Kaibab Squirrels with long tufts of hair on their ears making them look like rabbit ears. See pictures.
Sunday, April 21 (Kaibab Lake):
Today we kicked back and rested.  No news is good news.  We considered staying here another day but we're running out of water so will move on tomorrow.
Monday, April 22 (Cholla Lake County Park):
Today we drove 115 miles to a county park.  The book said water and electricity for $12/night with 50% discount to senior citizens.  When we got here we found the county had gone up to $14 and the discount was only 10%, so we decided to stay only 1 night and go on to Albuquerque tomorrow.  We ate lunch outside and sat out until nearly dark.  Nice weather!

Joe & Nancy Sue, Harry & Donna, On the Road, Albuquerque, NM